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Sound Ninja's

by Deadly_Sound_Ninja

Libraries: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Humor, Naruto

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This is my story. i am a sound ninja. Don't get in my way are you die. This is my story.

Chapter 1, Dead of night

Sound Ninja's

Name meanings........

Kotone-Sound of a Japanese harp

Yaso-Eight-ten. The word for "nine" sounds like the word for "suffering," so this name means that suffering should skip the child the way the child's name skips suffering.

The rain poured as silent feet moved though the forest. “Hurry up Yaso I don’t have all day we need to get the scroll for lord Orochimaru.” Kotone whispered. Yaso hissed back “Well he needs to wait his butt, it is slick! I can’t believe we are going after some stupid scroll.” Kotone looked at Yaso with distress. “Well we have to get these.” “Who did he ask us to steal these from anyway?” Kotone opened a small note. “Someone named Hatake Kakashi.” Yaso looked puzzled, “No idea who that is.” Kotone shrugged her shoulders. They raced into the night where only the lights from the street lights could be seen.



 Yaso lifted her nose up and sniffed the air then murmured, “Kotone I am hungry.”  “I know me too we haven’t eaten for 3 days.” Yaso stopped in her tracks she looked over and glanced at a ramen stall. “Kotone Let’s grab a bowl to go!!” Kotone stopped and thought, “Ok let’s go!” They both headed over to the ramen stall and sat down the smell of hot fresh ramen filled their noses. “What can I do for you ladies?” The cook asked as the rain really started to pour. “Two bowls of Ramen please.” Yaso asked. He nodded and went to fetch it. “Good thing we covered our headbands this time” Kotone smiled. “Yeah I wonder what Hikari and Kagami are doing?” “Who knows?” Yaso spurted out while eating her Ramen. Kotone started eating hers. Then suddenly Yaso looked up to see a man with white hair and a mask step through the tarp and sit next to her. He waved and she smiled and waved back. For a sound ninja’s on the bad guys team they are really very playful. He ordered a bowl of chicken Ramen. She noticed the man had one eye covered with his shonobie headband. She turned back around and tapped Kotone on the shoulder. “Hey Kotone look at that guy over there he keeps glancing at me. Hey what if he saw my headband Kotone?” (Which is on their necks by the way but it is slightly covered by their ponchos’.) The man kept looking at her and smiling then he pulled out a book and started reading while waiting for his ramen. Kotone whispered, “Let’s go we have to find the scrolls.” So they both got up and left the stand and continued though the rain. They finally though the rows and rows of houses found the one they were looking for. Yaso spotted and opened window which she was surprised at. A shonobie would never leave their window open. Kotone laughed and hissed, “Well at least we are dealing with a stupid one.” They both laughed and then went up. Yaso stepped one foot though the window to make sure no one was in there. She stepped in and motioned for Kotone to follow. Then they started searching. Shelve after Shelve after Shelve this guy seemed like he barely even stayed home. Then Yaso sat on the bed it smelled of a peculiar sent she had smelt it before but where? Then here hand it something hard she lifted it up it was the scroll!!! She whispered “I found it!” then she felt something else it felt like a hand. She felt up is a little more and looked over it was a boy! She scrambled off the bed shocked. The boy turned over but didn’t seem to wake up. Kotone Helped Yaso up she slipped the scroll into her sash. She was about to pull a Suriken out when she heard the door knob turn. They both quickly raced to the window. They ducked out the window but as Kotone raced onward Yaso stayed under the window. I want to know who this Kakashie is. The door opened to revel the white haired man at the ramen stand she saw. He Said, “Naruto?! What are you doing in here?” the boy on the bed slowly stirred. “Um…………Oh yeah I wanted to know what training we had tomorrow guess I fell asleep.” Kakashie pointed out the door. “Naruto get out of my house and back home.” “Fine I’ll go it’s not like anyone cares I’m gone.”  Kakashie slammed the door behind him then he pulled out a suriken and threw it barely missing Yaso’s head. She stammered back as he raced to the window and yelled, “Who’s there?!” But before he could catch a glimpse of her though she was racing off into the darkness of the rain. He looked around to see if anything was stolen. Then he noticed it The Scroll! The Timeingong Scroll was gone!         



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