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Yesterday I Died

by Angel

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This is a poem about the day I lost everything

Yesterday I died. You see,
My entire world crashed down on me
I was crippled as I crawled over to the phone
It was when I dialed 911 when I realized I was alone
I laid there shocked; I didn’t know what to do
As pain and mortality doubled over and grew
I called my dad, hundreds of miles away
I just needed someone to hear my words and pray
It tortured me to do it; he was having a loss of his own
I wouldn’t have had to, if 911 would pick up the phone
So he comforted me as much as he could, but he just couldn’t take
“Why it is my little girl can never catch a break.”
We hung up the phone so I could try 911 again
Seven tries later and a voice finally came.
I thought 911 was supposed to be my lifeline; well I had
“You pick up when I call you!” I was so fucking mad
The person on the other end was someone who promised ME
That he would always be there, above all in my time of need
This person was different; he was more concerned with his pride
He yelled at me terribly and my faith he had bide
I finally broke through and pleaded; “My world fell and I was hit.”
In a derisive voice he spoke; “Well that’s what you get.”
It was a feat to suck the air from my chest and leave me without a word
I hung up the phone with devastation at what I just heard.
It was smothering to have to watch the end of this world of mine
My body pulled down to the pavement, it was only a matter of time
The thoughts in my mind were so loud for having no sound
It traced the story back to the place I was found
I needed an answer, it all made no sense
The reason for this abandonment hence
Again I was left to countless rings and a voice-mail box
In fevered rage I persisted as time flew around the clock
The face of the clock glared down at me as I waste
The phone went off; I needed my answer in haste
I couldn’t speak a word through the ignorant scorn,
On my last bit of strength this horror had worn
He babbled of his pride and not feeling like a pet
Not thinking a thought of the promise he hadn’t met
My breathes got sharper as I went off in a daze
All of my worst nightmares had been raised
Every word he spoke took stabs at my heart
Until there was nothing left, it was ripped apart
So I was left with the reality that I was all alone
The man I loved must’ve died, he wasn’t on the phone
Mom said bad things come in threes, I guess it wasn’t just a rhyme
The pillars of my life were knocked down, one at a time
In 24 hours I was left without a purpose or dream
Everything happens for a reason, but now there’s none it seems.
Heather died last night; she fell asleep at a half past three
She never woke up. I just hope she that she is finally free
I hope she found Jesse in oblivion like they always talked about
I hope that she found the upside to life that she had to live without
You know, Jesse’s imposter, I wrote this just for you
On behalf of the sad girl you crumpled up and threw
This is to remind you of the day you wouldn’t answer your phone
A couple of weeks shy of their fourth year, Heather, died alone.

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