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Tatakai League- Part 2

by arkillian

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Part 2 of the Tatakai league- a pokemon fanfic me and my friend Helen came up with and I wrote in college. In this story, Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracey, and Shelly meet up with Hue Picasso- a famous pokemon artist.... and his new co-artist pokemon...

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Chapter 1, The Rainbow eyed artist

Tatakai League- Part 2

Chapter 1

“I can’t wait to see some of Hue Picasso’s work,” Tracey hummed cheerfully. “He may be able to give me a few pointers on my drawings!”

“I’ve never heard of him.” Ash mumbled sourly. “He can’t be that good.”

“Yeah,” Misty agreed. “If he’s as good as Tracey makes out, then even I should’ve heard about him!”

“I don’t care if I’ve heard of him or not,” Shelly tickled Neko’s nose cheerfully. “If he can draw a really cute picture of Neko, then I’d love him forever!”

“What if Tracey drew one?” Ash nudged jokingly.

“Uh…” Tracey blushed a peculiar shade of crimson. “Hey! Isn’t that the gallery there?” Stopping in their tracks for a moment, a large building towered in front of them, labeled ‘Art Gallery’.

“Yeah,” Brock nodded affirmatively. “I think it might be it… How about we have a look?”

“I donno,” Ash shrugged. “I’m actually kinda hungry…”


“Pika pi…” Pikachu murmured, suddenly lighting up in delight. “Pi pika CHU!”

“What is it Pikachu?” Misty asked, following Pikachu’s motion toward a nearby tree. “WOW! It’s an apple tree! Those apples look great!”


“Ohhh. I vote we grab some lunch before we gawk at paint covered paper.” Ash drooled, hovering toward the tree.

“Hang on a second Ash,” Tracey narrowed an eye in uncertainty. “Those apples look rather large, are you sure…”

“Thunder shock it off Pikachu!” Ash beamed, as his yellow friend belted a bolt of electricity at the tree. Grabbing an apple as if fell, Ash took a bite into it. “Ahhhh! This apple is hard!”

“Ash! That apple is glowing!” Brock yelped. “It’s gonna explode!” Mistakenly swiping his thumb across the fruit, it suddenly turned into a very angry looking Pineco.

“Get rid of it Ash!” Misty cried. Chucking it away in fright, there was a loud squeal from the bush, as the pokemon exploded.

“What was that?” Shelly whispered ghostly, latching tightly onto Neko.

“I wonder…” Tracey breathed, examining the apples closely. “Hey! These are all painted! What’s going on?”

“Grrrrrryla!” A squeak tittered from nearby.

“Togepeeeeri!” Togepi beamed, pointing Misty toward a nearby bush.

“What is… It’s a squirrel!” Quickly turning to the bush also, Ash’s eyes landed on a tiny squirrel, with and unusual rainbow tail.

“Gryla!” It beamed, as Ash pulled out his pokedex.

Gryla. The illusion pokemon. This pokemon uses its colorful tail to create illusions to fool its enemies.

“Wow.” Ash grinned. “It makes disgusting food, but it looks like a cool pokemon to catch!”

“No! Don’t take my Gryla!” A voice cried from a distance. “I need it to finish its latest painting!”

“Painting?” Ash queried, slipping his pokedex into his pocket again. “Are you Hue Picasso by any chance?”

Turning around to see the supposed owner of the colourful critter, Ash was stunned to see what looked like 6 foot tall Wobbuffet squinting at him strangely. Turning a rather pale colour, the group of 5 was speechless.

“Yes,” The Wobbuffet nodded, extending its hand to Ash. “I’m pleased to meet you. Have you come to look at my art gallery?” Still speechless in shock, Ash’s hand turned into a limp fish.

“Ye… a…. uh…”

The Wobbuffet then blushed slightly, brushing its self. “Is this better?”

Magically, what was once a Wobbuffet, instantaneously morphed into a middle aged man with strawberry ginger hair, dressed in a paint slapped apron, covered head to toe in char marks. Letting out their long awaited gasp of air finally, the group eased.

“Much better!” Ash grinned, extending his hand to Hue. “I’m Ash, and…”

“Hue Picasso!” Tracey leapt in front of Ash excitedly. “I absolutely love your drawing from Saffron’s safari zone! That painting you did called ‘Light on a summer’s day’ was just pure genius too… You know that one you did of…”

“You’re worse than Brock when he sees girls, Tracey.” Misty stated, tugging Tracey back by the ear. Ash blushed.

“Yeah, we came to look at some of your artwork,” Ash nodded, “And Gryla. I’m training to be a Pokemon master, and…”

“Wonderful!” Hue cried thankfully. “You may be able to help the two of us out then! Come along, the five of you.”

Glurruup…grrr…ollp. Ash groaned.

“I didn’t get to eat those apples. Nothing is going to shut it up now!”

“I can give you some lunch too if you want.” Hue offered with a smile. “I can even promise it won’t be a Pineco.” Ash’s eyes lit up happily.

“You’re on.”

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