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chained to myself

by Angel

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I wrote this when I was 13

Slipping away, but again im caught

Held in the deafening cry, listening to you break

Im scared, but tough enough, to hold it. Strong enough, to hide it

Im chained to myself, can't get away

Dying so slow, and you cant even see

So much shit going on in my head

Kept all to myself; raging through my eyes, laying awake in my bed

I didnt see it coming; it slapped me in the face

You were standing there the whole time, but you looked on

I fall to the ground, scar my hands, that dare reach for another

I keep falling, because now the pavement wont even catch me

But im chained to myself, left alone in the dark

You are just a dream that will never be dreamt again

Getting sick of myself, drowning again

But what can I do? Cant let anyone see, they wouldnt understand, whats happening to me

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