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Wash it away

by Angel

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I wrote this when I was 15

And forever, here I am

Whats behind

whats beneath

in my eyes

for only the most true

the tears that are locked within

not daring to breathe the stiff air

The air in which my aura dulls in the most dark of regrets

You say you want to know

That you wont judge me

but the secret

just so terrible

So terrible to my heart

Like taking a firey dagger

dragging it hard and slow across the heart of a young blue eyed child

So innocent

So ignorant

but I cut her open

watch the blood spill out onto my hands

drip down my clothes

stain me crimson



with the blood of my own innocence

My own innocence

A secret

hushed under the tension of my muscles

quivering witht he thought of his eyes

his smile

seductive hands

No one must know

No one

It was like a dream

the actions were not my own

it was as if I entered a world without consequence

a false reality

I wish it were

simply a dream

a scar that is blinded and forgotten

something that I do not regret


here I am

laying back in the world of truth

Time rolls over me

so slow

so dull

waiting for anything to happen

to make my mind at ease

But it doesnt

I search desperatly

but it doesnt

The darkness

hold me

take me

blind me

take away the hurt

take me back

make me strong

I beg of the angles

pour down your forgiveness



I beg of your forgiveness

Im here

on my knees

stretched forth in the shattered glass of my consequence

My hands

raised up


wash away the blood

wash it from my skin

the stains

the scar

wash it all away

and let me fall


and cry

Cry out in pain

scream in anguish as the darkness comes out

The secret


take it


let it all fade

I close my eyes

and I wish

I wish for the hold of a true soul

a true friend

the one

to save me

Save me

my love waits in the stars

so far away

I can not reach

The pain lashing me down

The black box bursting into flames as I curl tightly

and I wish for it all to wash away

shower me with mercy

wash it away

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