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by PsychoKittyNet

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Short Veronica Mars AU Story. Sometime after solving her bestfreinds murder, Veronica finds herself solving a bizarre string of murders.

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Chapter 1

Note: I started this awile back and never finished it, but I found it and decided to finish it. It takes place right after Season 1, ( I have yet to see any of Season 2 yet) so if some things don’t add up, some of it I altered myself, some is just slip ups, So please Read and Review to help me improve.




You know, sometimes you put your heart and soul into something you care deeply about. You sacrifice all of your free time, spend countless dollars and have restless nights. But then you are done. You would think it would put a peace of mind to you, but instead you now have a void that that former passion once held. When I solved my best friends murder, I thought my mind would finally come to rest. I was wrong. I’ve spent the past few weeks mulling over what has happened in my head, and yet I still have a hard time believing it. When I found out that Logan’s father had murdered Lily, it tore my world apart. I never liked him, but I never took him for a murderer. A liar, cheater and a adulterer, but not in my wildest dreams would I have thought him capable of taking a human life. But then again, do we truly know anyone….

The young man walked down the dark ally late at night. It was a dangerous place but for security he was packing a large caliber pistol. It was cold and rainy, but he needed his fix and he was gonna get it if it killed him. He reached the rendezvous point where he normally met his supplier but he wasn’t there. This was not normal, he was always pushing his goods here at this time. You could set your clock to him. He took a look around and saw the large dumpster he normally stood near. He saw something on the ground. He got a closer look and then regretted it. A bloody hand. Some one must of murdered him in a bad deal. The smell made him vomit. CLACK! Something had made a noise. He pulled out his gun and pointed it in the direction of the noise. He saw nothing. He looked around, praying whoever killed the dealer was not still around. He thought he caught the glimmer of something out the corner of his eye and fired two rounds in that direction. The cat fell dead on the ground. He breathed a sigh of relief, when he felt a burning pressure hit his back and exit through his chest, followed by black, a bright light, and then a burning sensation.


Buuuuzzzzzz! The alarm clock went off. Time for school. I sat up and sighed as I thought of facing the Monday morning. After my morning preparation I went into the kitchen and found my dad sipping on a cup of coffee. “Morning Dad,” I greeted him. “How are you this morning sweetie?” he replied with a smile. He seemed very tired looking. After the fiasco when he saved me from a fiery death, and landing himself in the ICU for a week, there were few days he didn’t look tired. He seemed to notice my worry, “Don’t worry about me, I just have the feeling its gonna be one of those days..” He said that every day for about three weeks now. He finished his coffee and left the apartment for his office. There was talk of reelecting him sheriff, but until a election can be held, he was keeping his job as a PI. I quickly ate breakfast and grabbed my bag to leave for school. As I walked out the door I noticed that they had not finished repairing the fence and had left a lot of poles and dangerous looking objects around. Someone could get hurt on those.

Another boring day at school. It’s been pretty quiet lately, most people still wont talk to me and I kind of like it that way. Wallace came with me to my dads office after school, he was still a little freaked about my dad and his mom, but he had adjusted. When we got there we found dad sitting behind his desk with a puzzled look on his face while shuffling through some papers. “Hey dad!” I said and he looked up at me and gave me a wore out smile. “Oh hey…” he said feebly and went back to his work. “What’s up” I asked and then he said. “Double homicide, a drug dealer and his client.” He said with his nose still buried in his paperwork. “Sounds like a drug deal gone bad to me, should be pretty open shut.” I said. Dad just shook his head. “But the way they were murdered was so different, the one we identified as the dealer has his arm cut clean off, and then stabbed twice in the chest, but the wounds were perpendicular to each other…like he was stabbed with two knives at the same time. The other however…well were not sure what did him in, when just found scorch marks on his back and chest. The only thing that ties then together is that…well….they were both decapitated…” I took a step back. This was particularly grisly, even for this town. “Was there any other evidence?” My dad shook his head again. “No, we found two rounds that we found that came from the clients pistol and a dead cat. Well, we found the dealers knife, but it appeared to be covered in a strange thick green paint.” “Perhaps as an inhalant?” I said. My dad sighed “On a knife? No…we would of found a spray can and a bag….no…this is something far more sinister…”

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