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The story of my life

by Angel

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its pretty self explanatory

The story of my life
What do you have when the only thing you need has thrown you away

The story of my life, written in my flesh, hatched over my veins one sad day long ago

Suddenly they start bleeding, as fresh as the day I carved through

The tears still run just as pure, bring the ink back to life

Story of my life, im the thing that nobody wanted

Im a crumpled up poem that I scribbled and scribed

Never to be read, even if I was nobody could read me

Too much effort for such a pitiful cause

So they toss me away, a crumpled up poem

tossed away and kicked when im down, so is the story of my life

What are you to me now

Besides the devils advocate; the thing I cant have

A fucking torment that fucks with me every waking moment of every sleepless day

I loved you so purely, I died a thousand deaths just to kiss you

But I became too complicated, too pitiful of a cause

You crumpled up and threw me, oh god why

you threw away this sad little poem, its shriveled by tears

But so is the story of my life, it's written in blood

But so is the story of my life, the life of a sad little poem

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