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Traces of a Broken Heart

by Huyana Jaganshi

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I wrote this Poem for my character when I was 13. v.v She was sad and lonely like I was. And she kind of still here it is! ^-^

Traces of a Broken Heart
Traces of a Broken Heart

Never look back,
Was the motto I made.
Never did I know,
I would be the one who was played.

I thought I had everything,
but was left with nothing.
So now what can I do?
I must do something.

The frail pieces,
That just broke as if on cue.
The pieces of my heart,
Shattered from you.

No more memories,
no more lies.
No more painful times,
I have no tears left to cry.

So what happens to someone who has nothing?
I mean, everyone has something that they set apart.
What's left of me but the traces,
Traces of my broken heart.

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