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Tremors Vs. Alien

by PsychoKittyNet

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Tremors and Alien Crossover. A new resident to Perfection discovers a secret goverment Biological Weapons Project, in the worst way. COMPLETED!

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Chapter 1, Ch.1 - Just the Beginning



I wrote this story two years ago, today I look back on it and think about how bad it was, and how much it sucked. Anyways, it is my most popular story on so now that BogusRed is allowing pg-13 work on PD, ill repost it in all its glory, minus the Author Notes and spelling errors that riddled a lot of my older work.


Ch.1 - Just the Beginning

Five kids broke into an underground lab. It has been desolate for many years now, since the government had vacated.

The tallest one had a bat and readied it to swing. He smashed a glass case, spilling the contents. The others pulled out rocks

and started smashing everything. They all laughed when one of them knocked down a rusty old door marked “Bio-Containment”.

They all walked in and one raised a 2x4 when they saw the eggs. Five of them opened and what flew out latched themselves to their faces.


A young boy wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a rather large jacket walked up to Chang’s Market in Perfection, Nevada.

He walks in and sits at the counter. “ Can I get a pop over here?” he says with a Scottish accent. Jodi Chang, and attractive

young businesswoman, fills a fountain drink for the young man. “Tourist?” she asks. The boy pulls out papers. “Oh so your

moving here?” He took a long drink. “Yea.” She went about her business. “So, how old are you?” she asked. “19”, he replied.

They chatted for a few minutes when scientist Cletus Poffenbergerran into the store. “Where is Burt?” he asked, out of breath. Chang

ran over to him “He’s still out with Tyler, what’s wrong?” Cletus puffed out,

“Come with me.”

“So what’s your name?” Cletus asked the boy. “Allen McLaughlin, ” Cletus

laughed as they traveled to the location Cletus was taking them to, “Proud of your name?” Allen smiled, “Yea.” Jodi stopped her car

and they walked about half a mile to where the location was hidden. A small man hole was the entrance, but the cover had gone missing.

Allen jumped down first, followed by Cletus, ten Jodi. Cletus lead them to a tore down door where five bodies of young men lay. “Look”

Cletus pointed at the chest of one boy. There was a gaping hole...from the inside. “Sweet Jesus...” Jodi muttered under her breath.

Allen scanned the room and noticed in the corner, what looked like giant dead spiders. Dead spiders with long tails. “I should of stayed

in Scotland...” Jodi peers into the room and starts screaming. Cletus and Allen run over and see a room full of eggs. Five had been opened

and one was hatching. It flung its self at Jodi. She screamed and closed her eyes and heard a “BANG!”. She opened her eyes and saw the

creature with a bullet hole in it, and Allen holding a .44 Magnum Revolver. As the creature lay bleeding, they noticed its blood was green, and

that it ate through the metal floor. “What is it...” Jodi said after a moment of silence. Cletus then said with sad eyes, “It was an experiment, I

didn’t have anything to do with this one, as I was busy with 4-12, but I remember what was contained in that room, an alien species, that they

were trying to tame for Biological weapons, much like 4-12...but they proved too volatile. Sadly, that’s all I know, and I don’t see how those little ones

could of killed 14 well armed soldiers, like the one before.....I think those were just the beginning.”

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