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When Two Worlds Collide

by writergurllw

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When a dark chao, a hero chao, and a group of their friends accidently activate a mysterious necklace, their life changes but for the better or worst?


DISCLAMIER:I own these two chao's in this race but sega owns the creation of them. They also own this race course.


He flashed his competition a smile of pride, just knowing this race was his. He used his well earned medallion to scare his opponent away but to his dismay she wryly smiled back in return, pointed to the ribbon she had well earned, and did small running exercises taught to her by Sonic. Trying to intimidate her with killer stares had no effect. He knew this would be the first real challenge in a long time.

The start gun was shot.

He ran backwards and looked at her through gloating eyes but she kept her face the same, serious, and kept going at her usual pace; she knew what she was doing, she couldn’t afford to lose to someone like him.

“Hey!” He looked at her, distracted from what was important, she had him now. “So, who’s your owner?”

“Shadow the hedgehog himself!” She noticed that he had extreme gloating problems and shook her head in pity. She hoped by when they said the chao was already dark, they meant he’d act less like he was neutral.

“Well, I’d say, that right now you’re making your owner look really bad.” He raised his eyebrow at her comment, but when he had turned around it was too late, he went body first into the small pool.

He was infuriated, she had used one of his tricks on him and he fell for it! What if this ruined his reputation? Losing to a hero was bad enough, but a hero girl would definitely leave a bruise back home. Trying harder than he ever had to, he swam like a fish through the very small pool of water and climbed faster than ever. That’s when he noticed her weakness; she wasn’t as fast as her owner. Smirking, he decided he would show her what real speed was.

The course was filled with lots of turns and curves but he enjoyed them nonetheless; there was nothing like a good competition. Next thing you know he was right beside her, mimicking the shocked look she had upon seeing him. It made him laugh on the inside.

She had to a double take when she saw him. She couldn’t believe someone as cocky as him actually had skills; than she thought about her owner. So he has skills, she told herself reassuringly, I have skills too. She sped up; the finish line was so close. If she even put her feet over before he did the prize would be all hers to keep.

Her efforts to get ahead of him continued to tickle his funny bone, struggle made him feel superior. He closed his eyes and laughed loud enough for the world to hear, but the joke was once again on him when he realized she was now a lot of ahead of him.

Sonic’s chao didn’t slow down at all, she was tired of playing games and just wanted to hurry up and get this ridiculous race over. She frowned when she saw him catch up to her and stopped denying that he was faster than she was, she just found that odd, concerning that her owner was Sonic. Once again, he was beside her; he looked extremely tired. She thought this was her chance but when she tried to push harder she didn’t end up going any further, she was tired as well. She looked at her opponent, making sure her face hadn’t read defeat all over. This time he hadn’t even tried to smile in that gloating way of his, she felt thankful for that.

He wished so badly that he had took a nap before this race, because than he would be able to go just a small bit faster. He was afraid to try, afraid he might hurt himself if he pushed on his body too hard. He noticed his opponent looking at him, but what was he to do, this was not a gloating matter, he only gloated when he was sure he would win.

Somebody crossed the finish line, but who?

I know the chapter is short but my sister was arguing with me to get off and today was my update day. I'll try to make the next chapter longer.

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