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Wolf Followers #3 Marriage

by RayEarth400

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Kamonoa is engaged to Kamison.

Wolf Followers #3 Marriage

"Kamonoa,I, Wearend,bow down to you." *Kamonoa stands there confused* "My sister can't be the princess of wolf demons!"exclaimed Cooma. *Kamison is still just standing there,until Kami comes up to him and askes him if he's excited to get married* "I don't know."he says. "There must be some mistake!"Kamonoa suddenly exclaimed.

"Yeah my sister can't marry anyone,she's only 11."Cooma said.   "But the legend clearly states that she is the one who will wedd Kamison."Kami said. "Yes,the wedding will be tomorrow at 10:00 sharp!"yelled Wearend. "Tomorrow!?"exclaimed Kamison,Kamonoa,and Cooma at the same time. "Yes."said Wearend.

The next day Everyone was dressed up.Kamonoa was wearing a gold dress and Cooma was wearing a pink dress,Kamison was wearing a light blue tux,Wearend and Kami were wearing a brown tux and a purple dress.

The ceremony began they were about to say i do*because they had to* when a big dog demon came and Picked up Wearend.

"Father!"cried Kami and Kamison. "RUN!!!!!!!"Wearend called. *Just then it ate Wearend* "DAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!"Screamed Kami. "OH NO!"Cried Kamonoa and Cooma. *The dog demon almost killed Kamonoa,but Kamison saved her* "Thank you!"cried Kamonoa.

*Kamison got a sword and killed the demon* "You two must wedd,it's what father wanted."Said Kami.

"Marriage is better than death." Kamison said."That's right."Kamonoa said.

*So Kamonoa and Kamison got married after all,and they all had a funeral for Wearend.

No matter what you say these series will not end here(unless I get tired)

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