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Tatiana's Beginning

by Kadleena

Libraries: Adventure, Original Fiction, Sci-Fi

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Tatiana's only eight years old, but she is very unique......

Tatiana's Beginning
Tatiana's Story

Tatiana's Story

“Quickly now,” Baryin said, a middle aged man with dark brown hair and violet eyes that glowed. His stature was six feet tall and his body was built almost to make one think he spent all day lifting weights.

He gently pushed his twelve year old daughter down the corridor towards the t-pods. One only remained and it only held one person. Sparks were flying everywhere from the lights, and the space station was shaking out of control and everyone was screaming every time there was a loud thud noise.

“Everyone stay calm! Yes, there is a virus on board, but we are working on getting rid of it. Evacuate quickly with precaution.” The voice coming out of the speaker sounded aggitated.

“Baryin,” Baryin's wife, Caron, got his attention as they stopped in front of the airlock to the t-pod. She looked at him with concern, feeling lost and afraid. “What are we going to do?” She swallowed some air that made her choke.

Baryin told his wife to be quiet. He then knelt in front of his daughter. He brushed back her brown hair behind her ears. Her glowing eyes, like his, stared back at him. “Tati,” he held her close in a hug. He then grabbed his belt of himself and put it around his daughter's skinny waist, he tightened it and cut of the rest, so nothing was loose. He hooked his canteen on it and a small cylinder tube about four inches with LSS in it (Life Supporting Substance), sort of like pills to live on.

“What are you doing?” Caron asked. She rolled back her eyes. “You're not going to send her away?!” She slammed her fist against the wall. She didn't want him to send her only daughter away. She didn't realize that the spacestation was really in danger.

“There's no other way. She is young. She has the right to live longer.” Baryin looked at his wife. He was going to comfort his wife when she pulled away and looked at him with disgust.

“No! I'm not going to let you take her away, they can fix this virus. You know this happened before. It can be fixed!” Caron grabbed Tatiana's hand and backed way from the T-pod and started walking towards the lobby. She wasn't going to have this crap from her husband, but she was afraid.

The space station gave a big shake. They all fell to the steel floor as big sparks flew out of the lights above. Caron still kept a hold of her daughters hand and started to walk away when Baryin gently pulled Caron around. “Caron, we have no choice—”

“No!” Caron yelled at the top of her lungs trying to be heard from the sound of the screeching lights around them. “She is not going and that's final!”

Baryin held her so she wouldn't go anywhere. “I want her to live damn it! Don't you?” He asked her.

Caron stood there and looked away from him and didn't answer. She let go of Tatiana's hand and got away from Baryin's embrace and walked into the next corridor and didn't say anything. Not even a goodbye.

Baryin took his daughters scrawny little hand and took her to the t-pod and then knelt in front of her and looked at his eight year old daughter. “Now Tati, I'm going to send you away, okay? Some place safer. This old station's not going to last any longer, and there's a chance I'm not going to see you again.” Tatiana clung to her father.

“Papa, No! Please don't.”

“Yes Tati, it's the only way for you to have any life.” Baryin tried to keep back his tears. He held her back and said. “I don't want you to eat any substance on Earth. Only eat your LSS, and drink only your syclor in your canteen. It will automatically fill when you finish with each one.” Baryin thought of other things she should know. “I want you to avoid the Caring Centers where I'm taking you. These places are called hospitals on earth. Avoid touching or wearing a fabric called cotton, you will break out with bumps all over you if you do.”

“Papa, where are you sending me?” Tatiana interrupted.

Baryin leaned closer to his daughter. “It's a place called Earth. Humans live there. We l almost look like them. Except for some things....” Baryin kept himself steady. He was actually jealous that his daughter was going to see things he would kill to see. But she deserved to live more than him. “You remember when I taught you how to change the color in your eyes?” Baryin asked her.

“Yes papa. I concentrate on my eyes instead of what I see. Then think about the color I want.” Tatiana told him.

“Good girl. You'll have to do that when you get there. Human eye color is different.” Baryin told her. “Open airlock.”

The airlock opened to a small cubby hole, just big enough to hold Tatiana in it. “Now remember what I told you. Avoid Hospitals, cotton, and eat or drink anything there, except for you LSS and syclor. Don't tell anyone your past. If anyone asks where your from--” he stopped to think. “Tell them you're from Canada. Even if you told them the truth they probably wouldn't believe you.” He knelt back down and saw her crying. He embraced her in a hug. Tatiana tried to brush her tears away. She wasn't going to see him anymore, not even her mother.

“Doesn't mom want to say goodbye?” She asked her father in his shoulder.

Baryin sighed and held her hands. His wife didn't even have the courage to say goodbye. “Tati, I think she already did, just in her own way.”

Tatiana backed away, and tugged at her belt, along with her black leather pants. Everyone on her planet wore leather, silk or satin. But leather was the most popular. Baryin nudged his daughter into the t-port, losing hope, he had a feeling he wasn't going to see her again. His tears were forcing out.

Tatiana laid down in the t-port. “I love yo papa.” She told him with tears rolling down her checks.

“I love you too, Tati.” Baryin closed the t-port and it automatically locked itself. He backed off and closed the airlock. He put his finger on the blast off button. Then tears rolled down his cheeks as he pushed the button.

The t-port shot into space like a burst of light, and headed to its destination, the planet Earth.

Baryin ran down the corridors as the space station shook, being pulled towards their planet, Zerahon. He saw his wife on the leather couch in the lobby. She stood up as she saw him. He walked up to her. Her face was all wet from crying. They embraced in a hug as sparks flew across the lobby. The furniture started sliding as the station started to tilt. They held on to each other and Baryin kissed his wife for the last time.

The huge space station entered the atmosphere of Zerahon, their home planet. With high speed the spacestation cracked the planet into pieces. Leaving the moon, Sherafon, still in its glory, where only six of their kind were left behind

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