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Slipping Through My Fingers

by bloodysmurf

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Poem of losing someone to suicide.

With the pounding of the rain
My aspirant hopes are dashed
I’m drowning in my pain
Mourning the life that’s passed

My heart’s filling with iron blood,
Eyes forgetting what it means to be dry
Wishing for anything that I could
Do to make this seem a lie

You left me cold, barren, and empty
Wanting to help you with all my heart
Stretching myself to ensure your safety
Air tasting sour as I tear my soul apart

The world keeps on spinning
And suddenly I start
There’s an image of you grinning
Chained to my heart

You gave life up so easily
Falling from where you stood
Left me there, my hands so greasy
Holding your body, covered in blood

My life will keep on going
While yours has stopped for eternity
I’ll go on always showing
What it means to live life without purity

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