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The darkness I am

by Neko-girl

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I wrote this last year on 9th June and saved iton to a flopy that I found yesterday when I was cleaning my room so here it is, enjoy

I'm hiding it from everyone around me,

I'm hiding it from everyone around me,

But I can never hind it from myself,

This missing piece inside of me,

That I may never find,

I try filling it with joy,

But then it turns to sorrow,

How can I live without the missing piece,

Inside of me,

People say they how it feels,

But this is my pain no one else can feel,

Staying strong feels painful,

But I can do it by myself,

As long as I'm true to myself,

I know I can make it,

To find what I'm looking for,

Somewhere in the darkness,

There something I am looking for,

But I will not know what it is,

Without the light to see,

So now I have to face the darkness,

And I will have face it alone,

This is my only way to find what is their

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