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The Rose

by NegativeZero

Libraries: One Shots, Original Fiction, Romance

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A young boy woke up one saturday morning...

A young boy woke up one saturday morning and decided to visit his girlfriend to spend another wonderful day with her. He picked some flowers on the way to her house cuz her house was only a few blocks away. When he came to her house he found the door open. He walked in and told himself he'll surprise her and give her a morning kiss to wake her up. He opened the door to her room very slowly and looked in. There was someone in the bed with her. The boy was heartbroken and cried at the the very sight of this. He left the flowers at her door and left. Monday came and he did not attend school. His girlfriend tried to call him that day but he was not answering. One Sunday morning the telephone rang and he picked it up. It was his girlfriend. She was mad and asking him why he didnt go to school the past couple of days. He said, "Do you remember that Saturday when you found flowers at your door." She said,"Yes." The boy told her that it was from him. She couldnt say a word and there was a long silence between them. He hung up and began to cry. She started to cry too knowing that she was the one to blame. A couple of years passed and they had not spoken to each other. They both had gone their separate ways.

The boy fell in love again with some girl in college. She was kind and beautiful. He was madly in love with her. One day as he was going to her dorm room to visit her like he alwaise did, she was not in. The boy asked her roommate where she was but she did not answer. He went looking around campus for her and asking all of her friends where she was but none of them knew where she had gone off to. Then one of her closest friends found out that the boy was looking for her. She just so happens to be one of his best friends as well. She told him that she was at a friends place studying or so she heard. She gave him the address and he went to find her. The street was packed with cars so he decided to park further down the road. He got out of his car and was walking to the house but stopped a few yards back only to see his girlfriend comin out with another guy. He saw her kissing him as she got into her car. The boy was furious and sad so he got in his car and followed her back to the dorms. He hid inside his car staring at her as she entered the building. He got out a few minutes aftter and when to see her in her dorm room. She was surprised to see him there at this time of night. He asked where she had been and she lied and told him that she was visiting her girlfriend across town. He looked at her and began to cry. She asked why are you crying. He told her that its because of these flowers that he is crying. It was the same flowers he had given to his past love. He said I love you but I cant stay. She asked why. He didnt say a word and gave her the slip of paper that had the address of her secret lover. She went chasing after him trying to apologize but he got in his car and left her. As years went on he dated many whom he fell in love with but they were all the same. Time after time every gurl had cheated on him and broken his heart.

It has been 9 years since and the high school reunion was coming. The boy was not married and all he had was his pet dog Sammy. He got dressed and went to the reunion. It was there he saw his old friends who were all married and had kids. As he was trying to get some numbers from his old friends so he could keep in touch with them, he felt someone tapping at his shoulder. He turned around to find his old girlfirend standing there smiling at him. He kept the conversation between them short and as the night ended he found that the both of them were the only ones left in the parking lot. He said to her,"All mai lyfe Ive been searching for someone that could make me happy but searching for that happiness has left mai heart broken into a million pieces." She said," I knoe, Ive been searching too." He smiled and got into his car. She went to him and said if she could get a ride home. He told her that he could drop her home. As they both got into the car they drove off. It was silent for a couple minutes and he asked he why she wasnt married. She told him that she is still waiting for someone. He asked who but she didnt answer. The boy thought her soon-to-be-husband was gone away and they would marry as soon as he got back. She said it had been a long time since she last saw him. The boy said, " Yes it has been." She started to cry and he asked her what was wrong. She told him that a long time ago she had loved someone but she made a mistake and was sorrie but the boy she fell in love with, disappeared and never returned. She finally said," Do you knoe who I've been waiting for?" He asked who. She said that it was him. The boy could not say a word to her and stared in her eyes. She pulled out a flower that was pinned to her dress and gave it to him. She said she missed him and that she still was in love with him. She had been wating for him for a long time. The boy sat there looking at the flower and realized that it was dead. She told him that it was the flowers he had left for her. He threw it in the backseat and she began to cry. He pulled from underneath his seat a rose and got out of his car and walked to her. He took the pin and pinned it to her dress and told her that, "Now here is something new and it will never die." She was looking down and said softly that she was sorrie. He lifted her face gently with his hands so that both of their eyes met. He told her that he missed her and he was sorrie that he had lost himself to her. Now both of them were crying and slowly their lips began to touch and he wispered "I Love You..." She held him like he had died and came back to life for her. She said to him, " I missed you... I was waiting for this moment when you finally would be in mai arms again..."

© 2003 TimZ

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