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On his Face is a Map...

by frubafreak17

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The quote in this poem is taken from the song "From Yesterday" by 30 seconds to Mars. Otherwise, this poem is all mine. Written by moi. This is dedicated to "Switchlife". I hope I can continue to inspire you.


Poor little boy, sitting in a room.

Poor little boy, don't assume

That no one cares. They do, they do.

I promise that they care for you.

Little boy, please don't cry.

Little boy, why can't I

Touch your heart and make you glad.

I just can't stand you being sad.

Poor little boy, please keep trying.

It does no good to keep on crying.

I know it's hard, I know it's tough.

But I am here, and though it's rough,

I'll help you find your place among

This wonderful world. Help sing your song.

I know these words are passing glances,

But I can't let these passing chances

Slip away without a shot.

I promise to give it all I got.

Poor little boy, go hear that song.

The one you heard all along.

“On his face is a map of the world”.

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