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Broken Window

by frubafreak17

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This isn't very.. interesting. Not much of anything, but this is kind of a "prelogue" into the poem "This is a story about a boy..." [dedicated to Switchlife, again. So I guess you could say this is also to him as well. W/e. just random blurbs.

Broken Window
I watch out side this broken window,

I watch out side this broken window,

Waiting for a chance to find my way.

I sit here staring, daily, patiently,

That chance will have my way.

I sit here at this broken window,

Watching the clouds take frame.

Faces, hearts, odd fuzzy shapes

Pass my reflection's gaze.

I stand here at this broken window,

Standing on a broken frame.

Glancing around, soaking it all in.

Thinking all these interesting thoughts.

I lean against this broken window,

The edges sharp against my skin.

I don't care to worry much.

There are things that are worth my time.

I cry upon this broken window.

The rain adds to the mix.

To think about the outside world

Is so painful, quite painful.

I sleep next to this broken window.

It's sharp edges and refined look

Seem to ease my suffering so

For it's the only one to have been there,

Been there, waiting, hoping, watching.

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