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This is a Story about a boy...

by frubafreak17

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For Switchlife. random, but hope you like?

This is a Story about a boy...


This is a story about a boy,

A boy who wished for nothing but

A chance to take a breath of air,

not laying helpless in this room for what

he called “no G** damn reason.”

He wants to taste some of the season.

Cooped up in this room, it's plain.

Don't make me watch the rain again.

I want to dance among the raindrops.

Dance all day, dance away

The morning light, the daily shine.

I want to let this heart of mine

Grow to love a soul so fine.

But I can only bide my time.

I'm sitting at a broken window,

Looking at a broken frame.

A reflection, but it's all the same.

Tears reflect into the rain.

I don't know why I'm here today,

but in the end, I'll make my way

out these doors, away from here.

I hope I make it perf'ctly clear.

I will get out, I'll live that life

I'll live a life, put down that knife.

I'm getting out, that's all there is

to talk about, stop talking now.

And on that day I make it through

I'll count a blessing, think of you.

I'll thank you, for you made it true.

I'll tell you once, I'll tell you twice.

And if you need it, then I'll thrice

Tell you again, you helped me cope.

Thank you for your ray of hope.

And thus I'll live my story out.

There's nothing more to talk about.

I'm free, I'm free, in all my glory.

I'll live my life, complete my story.

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