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Fallen Angel

by Majin Jynxi

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Just one of my depressing poems...this is pretty much what most of my poems are like. This is one is supposed to be about Ai from the Princess Ai manga. I love her so much...she's just so pretty. ^_^;

Fallen Angel

Broken angel that fell from the clouds

Leaving her kingdom with all her doubt

She fell to Earth with nothing in mind

Almost scared of what she might find

Walking alone on these cold dark streets

Giving angry glances to everyone she meets

She's lost in these crowd

Far away from her ups and her downs

Running towards an ally with so much fear

Hopeing the end will soon draw near

Alone in this new world all by herself

With everything in her life put on a shelf

Her beliefs and memories are tearing apart

Trying her best to keep them in her heart

Living her life in this new found world

Even with her emotions in a whirl

One day she'll rise up to the clouds

But til then she's stuck in the now.

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