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The Naming of Lord Voldemort

by fifleaona

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It's not terribly long, highlighting how Riddle came to his evil name. Possibly the first Voldemort fan-fic I've posted, but not the first I've written. Just the better of them.

The Naming of Lord Voldemort

The Naming of Lord Voldemort

“Tom Marvolo Riddle.”

The words rolled off his tongue, spilling out on the parchment in front of him.


He needed something daunting, something malevolent, something that struck fear in the heards of his peers.

“Ramolvo…Lovramo, Volramo…”

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. Creating another name from his own was more difficult than he anticipated.

Suddenly, as if by luck, four letters jumped out at him. L-O-R-D. Lord. He smiled, chuckling. Of course! It would give himself status if he called himself `Lord.' An unspoken hierarchy.

But Lord what? Lord Tom was hardly foreboding. Lord Marvolo might work, but it would be far too obvious. Lord Riddle was out of the question.

When he took `Lord' out of his name, there was still quite a bit left.


In the corner of the parchment he wrote “Lord” and underlined it.


He shook his head. “D-I-R-T” didn't mix well.


It sounded alright, but was a bit of a mouthful and difficult to remember.

“Vol…de…mort.” He picked out slowly, and then grinned. “Voldemort.”

`Voldemort,' flight from death. He would become invincible, fear, him and his minions. He would be death, and they would flee. Eager to begin planning, he pulled out another piece of parchment and put down his devious plans.

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