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by StarShade

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One of my versions of paradise


Cherry blossoms waltz free in the wind.

Waterfalls cascade into the pond below, throwing mists around me.

The trees that surround block out the noise of the world.

Birds sing their beautiful songs from the highest branches.

The fish tails make rings on the surface of the water. Sounds of frogs mingle with the songs from above.

The tranquility of this place helps me forget the stress and strain of the everyday.

All my fears and nightmares are forgotten and left behind. My eyes are able to close without fear.

My muses are able to speak clearly to me without thoughts of pain from the past screaming for me to remember.

I could die in this place with such peace in my heart.

I could lay on the banks of the pond and let the mists cover me.

The plants and earth could engulf me and with my mind finally clear I could hear the Goddess call me home.

My body could return to the Mother and bring mew life and help everything in this paradise thrive.

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