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Whispering Lake

by StarShade

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Have you ever been secluded in the wilderness and heard the voice of nature?


Sitting on the quiet shore.

Watching the seagulls dive and fight for the last remaining morsels, their voices carried on the wind, piercing the serenity.

The sun falling peacefully into the horizon, a soft hiss, flame being extinguished by cool waters, can be heard.

Waves lapping gently on the shore, each one as tranquil as a lovers caress.

Whimsical breezes dance across my face.

Aromatic scents of tree fill my nose.

Velvet sands slip between my toes.

Downy white seeds of dandelions float delicately in the breeze, landing in my hair like a child's kiss.

Closing my eyes, unlocking my heart.

Clearing my mind, putting aside any bias from the past.

The lake will begin to whisper it secrets of ages past.

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