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by StarShade

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Have you ever worn a mask?


No emotions, no feeling, no expression will show.

What problems I have no one will know.

When I keep it inside my life is like hell.

If it ever slips out then everyone will know all of my fears.

Everyone will see the tracks of my tears.

I cry when I am happy.

I cry when I am sad.

I cry when not so good is the day that I've had.

If you really know me and know me quite well, only then will my emotions you'll be able to tell.

So few take the time to figure me out.

So few people know just what I am about.

Like the mask on my face, my true feelings I hide, so no one will know the spears in my side.

I seem happy to you, but happy I'm not, the tears on my cheeks your eyes never caught.

The things that I've seen, the feelings I feel, only I know my feelings for real.

Someday I'll tell you, what day I don't know, but until that day only my mask will show.

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