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Final Sunset Script

by ArkillianDragon

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The Final Sunset is the back story of one of my characters Bryan Dragon, and his struggles with his world being torn apart around him. This script is for the comic- also posted here in hope I get some critique before I draw it *bambi eyes*

Chapter 1, Part 1

Final Sunset Script

The Final Sunset- Script


The Final Sunset- Script


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{Note: Out of script comment from the writer.}

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Part 1


Page 1


Panel 1- Whole page: Teen Bryan sitting on cliffy mountainous area with barren, dead landscape around him. He cut, scruffy and head hung low with the sword `Equity' in his hands. Wearing worn amour and torn clothing, he's in bad shape. His crown is attached to his scabbard strap



[Why has this become of the world I loved far more than it deserved?]

[I always believed that together, my Father and I could put an end to the evil that threatened to consume our world]

[The Drakobitus]

[The Dragon Slayer]

[I, a bearer of a powerful gift passed down from father to son- our world's Guardian power, the Arkillian Dragon]

[I use to believe that my powers alone could protect my people from the thirst of the Luquahlian]

[That even my youth would make little difference in defeating them]

[I was very wrong]


Page 2


Panel 1- Half page: Same pose, but younger Bryan in Prince garb and crown on. Sword in hand, and crown on- not hurt at all, but sad. His father- Blaze stands before him proudly, hand clutched on his sword- Equity. He's dressed in plain clothes. Concerned look on his face. World is beautiful and lush- castle in the background and everything is nice


[…It all ended for me when I was about 8 years old]

[I was pretty observant, even back then]

[Father had been carrying Equity that day- carrying the most powerful weapon in the world]

[He knew something bad was going to happen]

[The fighter in me knew that should I be right, I was too young to fight along side my Father]

[But my Royal blood cried out in sake of my people.]

[In the end, my confused emotions became fear. Fear that I'd fail my people]


Blaze- “Oh, Bryan.”

“I thought I would find you here.”


Panel 2- 1/4 page: Focused on Bryan- he has been crying, but now looks up at his father


Blaze- “I am picking you aren't up here to train with that sword”

[Dad was a great judge of character- most of the time]

Bryan “The Drakobitus is going to attack…”

“Isn't he?”


Panel 3- 1/4 page: Blaze crouches down to Bryan's height pointing at him. He is confused. Bryan is amused, but still teary eyed


Blaze “I specifically told the commanders not to tell you! How did you figure out he was attacking?”

Bryan “It was easy, Dad. You are terrible about keeping secrets”

“You keep mumbling about Drakobitus' plans to…”


Page 3


Panel 1- 2/3 page: Explosion in background- castle is blown up. Father and son are silhouetted.


Panel 2: Half of what's left: Bryan's reaction

[Exitim Orbis Lucis Aeterni]


Panel 3: The rest of what's left: Blaze's reaction

Blaze “Drakobitus…”


Page 4


Panel 1: Diagonal panel- 1/3 page. Blaze starts to morph on some amour as he draws his sword. He looks VERY angry- eyes glowing. Magic swirls around him. Bryan's head hangs low as he starts to lift his sword upwards.

Blaze “I thought I had finally talked some sense into you!”


Panel 2: Diagonal panel- 1/3 page. Blaze is fully transformed. Sword is out but not poised, looking at


Bryan. Bryan's sword is pointing straight up

Blaze “Bryan! I need you to stay here. I have an army stationed…”

Bryan “Every time he attacks, they all start dying”

Blaze “There's no time for that now, son.”

Bryan “My people are dying, and I can't do anything about it”

“What good am I as an Arkillian Dragon?”


Panel 3: Diagonal panel- 1/3 page. Bryan's silhouette points the sword at his heart. Blaze lowers his sword in panic.


Bryan “What good will I be when I'm King?”


Page 5


Panel 1: 1/3 page sliced into 1/3 diagonally. Blaze's hand has grabbed Bryan's sword.


Blaze “Bryan”


Panel 2: Last 2/3 of above panel. Sword has been pulled away from Bryan, Bryan's hands nearly lost grip.


Blaze “Stop talking like that now!”


Panel 3: 1/3 page. Blaze's other arm has wrapped around his son, and has pulled him to his chest. Bryan is in great shock, tears still coming out of his eyes. Bryan barely touches the sword in Blaze's hands.


Blaze “We don't have time for tears and sorrow, son”


“I need you to be strong for me so I can stop the Drakobitus from finding where the villagers are hiding.”

“I need you to be brave”

[It's the same every time he attacks. Deals with the mess, but never the problem]


Panel 4: Last 3rd of page. Blaze in foreground yelling a battle charge with army behind him. He's on a horse, waving his sword. *Typical* knight thing…



[My Father has complete control over the most destructive element]

[Yet, he will not kill the Drakobitus with it]

[He swears that he sees a good person inside that Devil]

[A virtuous thought, if it weren't my people dying in those battles]


Page 6


Panel 1: Whole page. Drakobitus in middle- powerful and ominous looking. Luquahlians and Black council members in back ground

[That's where my Father lacks in good judgment- with the Drakobitus]

[I have been told once that the monster's hair became blond due to the evil in his soul bleaching out the colour in him]

[I crave to find out if he bleeds black blood too]


Page 7


Panel 1


Blaze “It's only a minor attack. They are only on a hunt more food.”

“They will leave as soon as they realize that there are no humans there.”

“We have an army protecting everyone by the edge of the forests. They will never find them.”


Panel 2


Bryan “I don't trust your source, Father”

“You put a lot of faith in information that may lies.”

Blaze “It'll be ok even if I am wrong.”


Panel 3: Blaze pulls back and picks up a lock of Bryan's hair.


Blaze “Two Patroni, Bryan. The legends state that the light and dark Dragon will put an end to the `Destroyer of the world of eternal light'. As long as the two of us are together, we can and will put an end to the Drakobitus.


Panel 4: Blaze comforts Bryan- silhouette appears in background of a familiar figure

Blaze “I just need you to be patient. I need you to wait till you're 16 years old.”


Page 8


Panel 1:


Drakobitus “As simple as that, is it Dragon?”


Panel 2: Blaze swoops around in surprise. Bryan glazes in fright.



Panel 3:- Drakobitus walks over to Blaze, and crouches down with a devilish grin.

Drakobitus “You are too late”


Panel 4:- Drakobitus forces Blaze's head to look the other direction


Page 9


Panel 1:- In the distance, Dagger falls is in a burst of black flame- the sky around it blackening.


Drakobitus “The world is protected from the outside invaders by that cliff face- dagger falls in the distance. Even if you kill me now, this world will still be open to conquer by any invading world. Not even I can fix this. Your god's protective aura over this world has been shattered. Even he has no more ties to this world. There is only one thing you can do now, Blaze Dragon.”


Page 10


Drakobitus- “Take your people and run. Before I kill both of you.

Blaze “No- I thought I had more time”

“It seems we have outstayed our welcome.

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