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On Valentine's Day

by NegativeZero

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A single red rose to show that I care,...

A single red rose to show that I care,
The candies and sweets say I'll alwaise be there,
Its Valentine's Day and I've been thinking of you,
I give you mai heart and a promise to alwaise be true.

Tonight I'll hold you close,
Cuz I will leave you never,
To stare into your beautiful eyes,
Takes us to forever.

And gurl if you ever doubt me so,
I'll say those words to let you knoe,
You mean more to me than words could say,
Ill show you how much I love you on Valentine's Day.

Author's Note: The rose is such a simple gift. Its so easy to get but so hard to give. Love is like a rose and it is like the center of every person's heart. So many want to have it but it is you that has to give it. On Valentine's Day people exchange their roses with one another sometimes never understanding what the rose truely means. There are roses shared among friends, roses that are shared among lovers, and roses that are shared among strangers. If you truely love your Valentine your rose shall never wither... and thats what the rose truely means... that your love will live for eternity in their heart.

© 2003 TimZ

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