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Chevalier's Angel

by chevalier

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Just a little story of how Petros finds some one. I don't like it that he has no one on the series so I decided to create an OC for him. :)

Chapter 1

    Being fed up with the sudden over abundance of paperwork and meetings at the Inquisitor's, Petros decided to get away for a night. Dressed in only the black pants and shirt that he usually wore under his robes, he walked into town cursing himself along the way for not wearing street clothes. People would constantly cross themselves, or bow while others would move all the way to the other side of the street. He sighed in frustration, for all he wanted to do was to be a nobody tonight; he wanted to blend in with others. He obviously hadn't thought his plans through in his rush to get away from it all.

He sat in quiet corner of a tavern sipping ale and contemplating how tedious his job had become. He knew it was just a rough spot that would eventual iron itself out but he just couldn't stop stewing over it. It wasn't like him to react this way and that's what probably bothered him most.


It was late when he left the tavern but he felt fine. It had taken him so long to drink his ale that it hadn't had any effect on him. He was planning on hailing a taxi to get back home but didn't wish to wait for one so he decided to walk and see if one passed by that he could flag down.


Petros was entering a seedy part of town and had yet to see a cab go by. He kept his guard up where there was a recent increase in muggings in this particular area. After all he was a knight and ready for anything or so he thought. He was passing an alley when from out of nowhere he was struck on the side of the head and pulled into the alley. Petros grabbed his invisible attacker and threw him against a wall before reaching up and checking his head for blood. He leaned against the wall, feeling a little light headed. His attacker had struck him quite hard and he had to fight the urge to close his eyes. No doubt a concussion was coming on and that was something he couldn't afford to have happen right now.


Petros attempted to leave the alley but was stopped by two very fast moving blurs. One blur was armed with a knife and ran it across his side.


“Not so fast mister. Hand over your money.”


“I don't think so.” Petros growled as he swung at the two hoodlums and pushed them away.


Petros made another attempt to leave as he clutched at his wound but was brought down to the ground when all three of them jumped him together.


“Have you no respect whatsoever?” A female voice called from behind them. “You're either very brave or very stupid for attacking a knight from the Inquisitorial department.”


“Run along little missy or you'll be next.” One of them dared to say.


“Why wait? Let's have at it now, scum.”


Petros tossed the men off of himself again. “Miss please get out of here before any harm comes to you.”


        “Don't worry about me chevalier. I'm fine.” She said calmly.


Fine? Petros thought she might be crazy. He sensed the men were about to go after her so he grabbed two by the coattails and swung them into the wall, the third man was headed straight for her but she waved her hand in front of him and the would be attacker stopped dead in his tracks before falling face first at her feet.


        “Idiot.” She mumbled.


        Petros watched her as he used the wall to help him stand. “What did you just do to him?”


        “Just a little stun dart.” She replied as she began walking towards him and opened her hand to show him one of the little weapons. “He'll be out for a couple hours.”


        “And how does a young lady such as yourself acquire such an item?”


        She shrugged as she smirked. “I know people.”


        Just then one of the men tried to attack them again with a knife. Petros was ready to pounce on him but the girl threw the dart in her hand at him and he fell to ground unconscious. The third man looked at them nervously before running away.


        “No doubt he's gone for reinforcements. I suggest we get out of here chevalier. Think you can make it a few blocks down the street?”


Petros snorted as a sign of his indigence towards such a question. “Of course I can.”


        “Sorry, I didn't mean to wound your pride it's just that you're bleeding quite a bit.”


        “I'm fine.” He said stubbornly.


        She wondered if he had a slight concussion noting his irritability and the fact that one pupil was larger than the other. She smirked at him again. “How fine would you be if you weren't leaning against that wall?”


        His blue eyes narrowed as he stared into her emerald green ones. “You are a very astute young lady.”


        She gave him a half smile. “I have my days. What do you say you at least let me patch up that wound in your side before you go on your merry way? My place isn't far from here.”


        Petros tried to hide the sudden twinge of pain he was feeling now that his adrenaline had subsided. “Perhaps that wouldn't be a bad idea after all.” He groaned.


        She could see confusion beginning to cloud his mind that blow to his head had certainly given him a concussion. She put his arm around her shoulder and turned him in the right direction. “By the way my name is Arianna, what's yours my chevalier?”


        “It's Petros.”


        “Pleasure to meet you Petros, though I wish it had been under better circumstances.” Arianna knew if she kept him talking he was less likely to pass out.


        “The feeling is mutual. You have a very beautiful name.”


        Arianna tried not to blush even if he was talking nonsense. “So what is a knight of the Inquisitors doing in this part of town?”


        “I just needed some time away.”


        “You should have picked a better area, I'm thinking.”


        Petros chuckled before asking. “And why are you living in this area? It doesn't seem to suit you.”


        “With times being what they are, one does what they have to; to get by.”


        “So you haven't lived her all your life then?”


        “No just for the last couple of years.”


        Moments later they were at Arianna's apartment. She unlocked the door with her free hand and led Petros to the bed.


        “Here lie down while I go get some bandages.”


        Petros did as he was asked suddenly feeling sleepy.


        Arianna started to rise but was stopped when Petros grabbed her arm.


        “Arianna,” He called quietly.


        “Yes?” She said as she looked into his eyes.


        “Thank you.”

        She smiled down at him “You're welcome chevalier. I'll be right back.”




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