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lucid pool

by kcoleman

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a poem i came up with when i felt trapped

Falling into a pool of darkness

Falling into a pool of darkness

Lured to the bottom by a false sunlight

I gasp for air,

The reflection from the fish brings more of the false sun

I do not notice which way the bubbles rise from pursed lips

They are up, up toward the surface

I swim further down, following the echoes of the sun

Further into the starry night

I hit the bottom. Or is it the top?

The fish swim faster, growing dimmer as I become weary

All is forgotten, a soft buzzing in my ears

Almost like that of the bees

The bees that belonged to the blessed summer sun

The sun that flickers brightly in the back of my mind

As my body relaxes to the sound of those glorious bees

The fish now lighting bugs

I dissipate into the warm liquid night

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