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The Book without Title

by Nataly Bild

Libraries: Fantasy, Original Fiction

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My first novel. About an elven school-boy. He inherited great magical power and something else that changes his life greatly and made him involved in dangerous adventures... It is in progress so I'll add new chapters.

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Chapter 1, Legend of Primordial World

           Thousands of years ago a World appeared from the Great Chaos. The World which was fulfilled with beauty and greatness. Huge animals and plants settled everywhere. Dinosaurs sported on the loose and ate gigantic ferns. It was time of quietness and happiness. The World was beautiful and healthy. It was developing and prospering for many centuries.

          Until there appeared Man. Man was developing and prospering together with the World. But the more developed Man became the less he wanted to adapt himself to the World. And he began to engineer the World for him. Cities were growing, the landscape was changing and the genetic code would be transcribed sometime. Man began to rule this World.

The First Men were noble, honest and kind. They accomplished chivalrous deeds for the sake of Love and Honor. They believed in wonders. But their descendants grew poor with heart. Money and social status became the most important things for them. They killed similar to them in order to get money, momentary pleasure and joy. They overlooked existence of Vampires, Werewolves, Gourgulies, necromancers and magicians in their ignorance. They believed in nothing which wasn’t in that collection of rubbish they called the Science.

Somebody believed in existence of mystical beings; but considered them to be creatures of darkness and results of evil. They didn’t suspect it were they who were guilty of appearing of magicians, Vampires and other creatures with flashes of magic. Some of them and also people brought evil in this World.

However not all descendants of the First Men became small-minded and cruel. Part of them valued cultural wealth and Love as before. But most of them didn’t declare straightly about their values as they feared of blame. And not for nothing. The whole World could show its back to them. These people listened to and apprehended the Science but in their heart of the hearts they remained faithful to the values of the past. They listened patiently to advice of ignorant people and did everything in their own way.

But there were those who resisted to spreading of ignorance showing their hands. They were blamed and charged with heresy. Heretics and magicians or those who were considered to be them lived in constant fear. They were put to the terrible tortures and been persecuted. Everywhere blood was flowing and wars were breaking out. The World fell into the abyss of troubles. Those whose existence a Man refused to assume had to hide and escape. But they continued the Deal which service they had given themselves to, because of which their families were suffering. They continued to bring the Knowledge about Other Worlds to those who wanted to listen to them.

People couldn’t stop and do away the seeds of magic sowed by them. In good time more and more people considered the Knowledge. Wars and discords were forgotten. And though the World was keeping its balance on the point of chaos and quietness; it was becoming more and more magic.

But primordially there was no place for magic in it and balance of the World was broken again. Wars, misfortunes and illnesses rushed over the World again. Nature itself revolted against the World and the people lived in it. The so-called scientists tried to guess what was happening in the World. But the answer was simple and clear: the World itself was changing. The changes were unnatural for it and that’s why the World was destructing. And Men didn’t believe in thing which hadn’t been proved by his Science as before so they tried to stop collapsing of the World by their primitive methods.

Suddenly destruction of the World stopped. And nobody could understand why. What brought harmony into the Universe again? The answer on this question was known only by magicians who brought the Knowledge. And by Wanderers. It hadn’t any meaning for others as the Science hadn’t proved existence of parallel Worlds. It was just the place where the deliverance arrived.

And it was just the place where the Wandering Folks came from. But nobody knew why they were called the Wanderers.



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