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Sleeping Arrangements

by PyroAshes

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Sleeping Arrangements are mad for a certain Taijiya and Houshi.

It was over. It was finally over. After all these years of being mislead, tricked, and tears, the one person who was wanted dead the most, finally ceast to exist.


The name still sent a shudder down their spines but, atleast they'd never have to have another encounter with him ever again. Kagura's heart was returned at the last minute, only to be killed soon afterward. Kanna was destroyed, once her mirror shattered and she became absorbed into Naraku.  As for Kohaku...

"Are you still thinking about him?" the Taijiya heard a familiar voice next to her.

"Can you blame me?" She was bandaging his back, trying to be as gentle as possible, while her hands shook.

"No no, there's nothing wrong with it, but it just hurts me to see you that way. Knowing I can't do anything to ease your pain, isn't exactly how I like to see my fiancée"

A small smiled passed over her lips. "It's not like I expected him to survive the battle. I guess I just didn't want to see him go like that." finishing the last wrap around the wound, she started to make room to spread out the bed rolls.

"Shippou-kun? Have you seen the bed rolls?"

"I'm sorry. I've only got two" the old man who owned the hut, had entered.

"What kind of idiot only has two bed ro-"

"InuYasha! Don't be rude!"

"Well, we could pair up, andshare the bedding" Miroku suggested as he started to get his robes back into place.


"Good idea, InuYasha your sleeping with the Houshi."

"Actually Sango-san...I meant you and I share" 

When she turned to slap him she stopped all of a sudden. There was no lecherous gleam in his eye, no pervy smirk or wandering hand. "Might as well get used to it" 

She was at a loss for words, so in response she gave a light nod and started to spread the beds out.

"If I so much as feel even a finger on me, your dead. Got it?"


Needless to say, the sleep that night wasn't as bad or fingerless as she thought.

There y'go! Second story to submit and it's another InuYasha fanfic. ^o^'

Crits welcome and appreciated!!

Houshi: Monk
San: term added at the end of a name, for both male and female, honorable or 'polite' term instead of kun or chan.
Kun: term added at the end of a name of a male friend, respectable term.

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