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MYST: Hunter

by dragonwolf23

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Misc Fanfiction (other), Sci-Fi

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Zack finds an ancient book that contains the last traces of an ancient culture. But time is running out to save them

It was just a plain day in Clais city, everyone just going around as it had been

It was just a plain day in Clais city, everyone just going around as it had been. Shops here and there, nothing unusual. There was also only one school in the city, Mapleridge High School, since the others were out of city limits.

Mapleridge was one of the most popular schools in the state of Wyoming, since many of the soccer jocks went here. There were also many other things going on, but there was always one class everybody there said was the worst, 9th grade English, since the teacher there was very mean to everybody.

“Zack, don't tell me you forgot your homework again,” yelled Mrs. Yellowstalk.

Mrs. Yellowstalk to everybody as the worst teacher in the 9th grade.

“So what if I did, you can just go and die for all I care”, Zack replied harshly.

“Alright Zack, fine, have it your way, then I don't think you'll care if I read the entire class your private entries,” She said.
* * * *

It was almost the end of the day, everyone in a good mood, except for Zack. Zack was the usual kind of guy, with a red t-shirt, blue pants, and blue eyes. His hair was dark brown and flat. He was usually kind to most people, but he hated classes. His family was always working, getting home around 3, but only on Fridays. So since Zack knew that they would call him when they wanted him home, he decided that he would stop by the cave that was near his road.

It took Zack about 10 minutes to get to the cave, and it looked the same as usual. It was mostly an arc shape, dull and black. So Zack went in. Inside, there was barely any light, only tiny cracks here and there. Zack knew of different gems that were rare, and he had gotten most of them. But this time, he knew where the crack he had started had something on the other side. So Zack went over to the crack, and got his tools from the tiny crevice he kept them in. He started hammering away. At first, only tiny cracks appeared, but he noticed they all went to one big crack. He struck his hammer there. Nothing. Then, he heard a faint rumbling, and noticed that there were cracks forming overhead. Crap, I'm dead, Zack thought as the ceiling gave.

When Zack came to, he was underneath all the rock. If he hadn't seen the little hole in the floor, he would be dead. Zack felt up, and found a little crack. He then took his hammer, and busted through the rock. He just then pushed the rocks away, and managed to get out. He found that when he got out, there was a new room where the rock had been. It looked like it had crystals all around it, but nothing he had seen before. Then, a glint had caught his eye. He went over to where it was, and saw that it was a book. He brushed the dirt off of it, and saw what it said, MYSTIN. He thought that it must be the artifact that some of the guys were talking about. Then his phone went off, and he knew that his parents wanted him home. He took the book, and headed home.

It was about 7 when Zack's alarm clock went off. He wondered if what had happened last night was a dream or not. Then he looked over on his desk and saw that book that he had found yesterday in the cave. He wondered what it was, and opened it. Inside he saw writing in what looked like a different language, but he could actually read it. It said something like a city that was in a cave deep underneath the earth, and this book was the only way of finding it. Then he turned to another page, and saw what looked like a panel, showing another world. The next thing he knew, it felt like he was being pulled into the book, and he was in that world that he saw on the panel. It was like an industrial site, but more advanced than that. He looked down from where he was standing, and saw another book. When he took it, he was back in his room. What the heck was that, Zack thought to himself. That one place was like something he had only dreamed about. The industrial size of that world was like two cities in one. It had monstrous skyscrapers, larger than he had ever seen, along with a volcano at the top of it.

“Zack, breakfast is ready, come and get it.” Zack's mom said

So Zack got dressed, and headed downstairs. He decided that he would leave MYSTIN up here for now.

Zack had the usual, cereal and milk for breakfast. Once he was done with that, he headed back up to his room. His room was basically like any other kids room, but the walls were slanted inward. His bed was in the middle, with the TV and computer to the left. So he headed onto his computer, and was going to find out about this book he had found in the cave. He typed the book's name into search, but it didn't show any results that he was looking for. But then he noticed it said something about a culture called D'ni. He had heard about this from the MYST series, but never believed it was true. It explained about a thing that they could do called The Art, but it was only the people from D'ni that could do it. Does that mean I'm a descendant from the D'ni, Zack thought to himself. There was only one way to find out. It the book MYSTIN, it showed some words that could be used to make different worlds.

Zack went back to the one world along with the book he found there, because he read that that book was a linking book that could allow him to escape back into his world from this age. When he got back to the Age, he noticed that it was still the same. This time, he continued into the city. The skyscrapers were getting to be more numerous as he went along into the city. It looked like some of them had been destroyed. They all had a symbol on them, but he didn't know what the symbol meant. They all had about 16 floors, with stained glass windows complementing the chrome already on them. He noticed that one was bigger than the others. So he decided he would go and see what that one was all about. He went through the automatic doors, and saw that inside it was like a business office. It had two rows of chairs on the side, with the main desk in the middle. He also saw that there were two elevators on either side of the desk. So he went up to one, and noticed that there were no up or down buttons, but just a scanner. The scanner then blinked on, and scanned his eye. The elevator doors opened, and he went in. the elevator was like a normal one, with rugs on either side. He also noticed that there weren't any floor buttons, but just another scanner. The scanner came on, scanned his eye, and a light went on. The elevator went up to the last floor, and then opened. Inside the room, it looked like a regular business office, with a table at the end. Zack also noticed that there was another book at the end of the table. So Zack went over and looked at it. From what he could tell, it was almost like the book he had found in the cave, but this one was a little bit different. It had gold on the outside of it instead of silver, like the book he had. It also had a different title, RYUSHAN, but Zack took it anyways. He opened it, and he saw a little pouch on the first page. Inside it, he found what looked like a key, but it had symbols on it. He looked back at the desk, and saw there was a slot that looked like the end of the key, so Zack put the key there, and turned it. Then he saw next to the desk a thing that looked like a projector, and it turned on.

“If anyone is seeing the message, then it means the book has been taken. To who has taken the book: You must be the boy that came from the surface world. You must take this book and learn how to use it, along with the other book that I hid in the cave. There is little time to explain. But, what I can tell you is that this place is crawling with the myustins, one who want to use the books for their own evil. You must take this book, and find the others, so that the myustins don't get their hands on it. I have provided you with armor, because your regular clothes won't help you much. I have also given you a weapon, so that you will be able to fight against them. Remember, the fate of the Ages rests with you.”

Then the projector clicked off. Zack looked to the left of the projector, and saw what looked like a blue shirt, but it had spikes on it, and blue pants, which also had spikes on them. So he went over to the mirror, and looked at himself, along with the armor. He went to put it on, but noticed it had disappeared. When he looked back into the mirror, he noticed it was already on. His hair color had been changed to blond, and his eyes a dark red. He also felt around in his pocket, and found a dagger with a rune on it. When he touched the rune, he noticed that the dagger had become a sword. So, these myustins think that they can destroy these books, well, they'll have to go through me first, Zack thought. He also noticed on the next page a D'ni rune. He touched it, and linked back to his world.

Back in his own room, he was busy trying to decode the different symbols that were on each page, but to his dismay, it wasn't working out too well. Every time he tried to actually read what it said, it made no sense. This one part he was on really made no sense: Be wary with the power you hold, for when the evening moon sets on the 9th day, you will face a power like no other. Zack was still caught up in all this when he turned to the next page, and found a symbol that stood out from all the others. It was red, and looked like it had two crosses coming from both sides. According to a translating paper he had found on the Internet, the symbol meant that the person who wore it was ranked high in the empire. He also found the translations for the different letters, and now he understood so of the messages better. According to what he had read, he found that the D'ni had an heir, and that heir was a person of high ranking among them. But then the person had gone mad with power, and destroyed most of the civilization. The people of D'ni had one last hope, a boy of modern age that could go into the other worlds, and find the crystals needed to seal this person away. The only problem was that the ages left were the most dangerous and unstable ones, because the heir had corrupted them so that they would crumble if the crystals were found. Zack found out that the armor that he had gained was the only way to keep him from getting trapped in the worlds. The linking books for the ages were still there, but they too had become corrupted. Zack knew one thing, that he needed to stop these ages from crumbling, and he had to find the crystals to save this race of people. So, he decided that he would go back to the world in MYSTIN, and defeat the myustins. He got out the book, and linked back.

When he got back, he noticed that there were now different symbols on the buildings, and that they were glowing. He also saw a beam of light coming from what looked like a huge sphere on a building with three spires. So he headed that way.

When Zack got to the building, he noticed that there were people inside, and it was like a regular business place. When he got inside, he noticed that they paid no attention to him, and went about their normal business. But something was strange about them, especially their eye color: it was gold. Then he felt a surge of energy go through him, and noticed his armor had come on. His sword also appeared in his hand, and knew only one thing: these must be the Myustins. They then turned to him, and everything went dead silent.

“So, you are the one the D'ni have sent to get rid of our master, well guess what, we won't let you through. So draw your sword, and lets see what skills you have.” One of the Myustins said.

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