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nevermore_ dbz style

by Darkki

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taken the episode of nevermore from teen titans to fix the dragonballZ world. not to be taken seriously.


This is a skit. Storyline was taking from teen titan - nevermore. Names and most of the dialog has been changed to fit the dragonballZ world. I do not own dragonballZ or teen titan. I am only using it to create my vision. They will be some major changes in the beginning and such but will resemble teen titans-nevermore episode. Thank you and good reading.




Vegeta stood by the wall waiting for the ‘staff meeting’ to be over. A alien ship landed down and the inhabitants weren’t too friendly. They was a water down version of what Vegeta used to be considered as. Planet-cleaners. Vegeta couldn’t understand what they insisted on talking about the problem if the strongest one was Krillen’s strength. All this made as much sense as calling Hercule if Cell come back from H.e.i.l. *Give me three minutes and the so-called threat would be over with. This is idiotic even for them.* Despite his thoughts he remained strangely quite through the whole thing. He’s head was starting to hurt slightly. And more than it normally did when everyone was here.

"Okay. Tien your group go to the ship. Me, Yamcha, and Vegeta will take care of the threat in the city. *Great, I’m on Kakarot’s team. Let’s get this over with.* With a silent sigh him pushed himself off the wall.




The two enemies were causing chaos in the middle of the city. People running for there lives as cars were overturned and building were starting to crumble under their wave of destruction. Goku caught a car feet from the ground. The people that would have been crushed by it looked up. Seeing their lives were spared for the moment they ran off without as much as a thank you. Not that Goku would expect one. The powers were strange. It was cross between telekinesis and able to move the earth around them.

"Terramorphers." Vegeta said to no one in particular.

"Terra-whaters?" Vegeta saw yamcha and Karakort coming close to him than he liked.

"Terramorphers. They are able to move the ground with a single thought. Never thought I see them again. Especially in this part of the galaxy."

"You know how to stop them?" Goku asked wanting all information possible.

"They control the ground. Figure it out!" Vegeta didn’t like the interrogation and flew down to fight the enemy. Yamcha and Goku followed annoying that Vegeta wasn’t in a sharing mood. Vegeta darted around one as it tried to hit him was random objects. Vegeta twisted out of the path of every object. With this kind of enemy attacking head long with the worst thing to do. It had a kinetic shield protecting the body and the only way to make it drop it was to tire him or her out. Vegeta as a kid learned this lesson the hard way. It only took one good shock to learn it’s strength and weakness. Frieza loved to see if the little monkey could adapted to strange situations. The enemy was growing tried. Every object thrown was more energy lost.

Vegeta pounced as the enemy lost the light around him. The only sign of a shield if you knew what to look for. With powers depleted and energy non-existent the enemy fell with one blow. Vegeta looked seeing Kararot and scar-face were having problems with their enemy. Vegeta was tempted to watch for a while until that annoying voice sounded.

"Vegeta! A little help here!" Vegeta fist clenched hard as more anger flowed. He was always angry, but the amount of anger was more than that comment should have been able to produce.

"What am I? Your slave?! Handle it yourself!" Vegeta turned from the fight clenching his eyes shut. Something was stirring, hard inside him. This wasn’t normal. He was stupid, he knew something was wrong. Yet, there was nothing he could do about it. Not now.

"Vegeta! What is your problem?!" He heard Kakarot’s words. He believed he knew what the problem was. But, he couldn’t be sure until he was back in that room in Capsule corp.

Vegeta turned and narrowly missed large boulders coming at him. Vegeta looked down. He could have punched himself. He was on the ground. On the terramorphers turf. A rookie mistake if he every saw one. Too late to pull up as the ground sucked up his one foot. Vegeta knew what is was. A quicksand attack. The more Vegeta moved the more power the attack had. It used his own energy to strengthen the attack. This forced Vegeta to remain still and keep his power down. This attack was the one that almost killed him as a kid. Looking over seeing the other two sinking in the same attack.

"Stop moving around and power down! You’re only making it stronger!" Kakarot seemed to listen for once and believed his words. Scar-face on the other hand wasn’t listening. Until Kakarot stopped going under, did he also stop.

He wasn’t sure why he called out. It wasn’t like him too care. But, that wasn’t his concern right, as enemy turned to him moment after he called out. The Terramorpher walked to him slowing lifting small objects and tossed them at him with carelessness. Vegeta didn’t move as the mailbox and metal trash can hit him straight on. Without his power backing him up he felt a bit of pain but still didn’t move enough for the attack to pull him down more. The humanoid raised pieces of broken glass and send it airborne.

"Vegeta!" He heard Kararot call out as the pieces hit, but he was too far from caring. One piece did heavy damage. It sliced his face deep, right under his left eye. The other slices were unimportant.

The enemy was enjoying the helplessness of the victims. But was growing tried as the one with spiky, upswept hair wouldn’t move at all. No cries of pain, no movement at all. Those dark eyes stay on him without emotion but he could tell something was brewing under that stoical of him. He loved the suffering of other creatures. This one, he knew had more than more by the look in his eyes. Stepping close and raising his arms made a sign post rap around his arms, pinning them to his sides. Extra protection incase he decided to try his luck with his that close.

"Let’s see what suffering you are hiding." Vegeta looked back not even narrowing his eyes.

"You don’t what to do that." The creature was more intrigued.

"Oh, yes I do." Placing his hand on Vegeta head, he felt something was trying to get lose. He decided to help.

Vegeta couldn’t stop it, as emotions come over him. What he feared would happen, was happening. This had to stop.

"Stop it." His voice was slightly hoarse as emotion had him by the throat.

"What’s the matter? Afraid of shedding a little light on the subject?" Vegeta felt his old friend Rage come back to him as he looked up at the creature. Creature stepped back not liking what he helped unleash. Vegeta broke the metal of the sign with ease before grabbing the creature. The Terramorpher tried in vain to get away. He didn’t like the look in this inhabitant’s eyes. "No! No! No! I surrender!"

"What’s the matter?" Vegeta mocked the Terramorphers back with his own words. "Afraid of the darkness?" The creature felt his own terrors fill him like they were happening to him again. Looking into the dark-haired one’s mind brought back all the tortures of his own. The Terramorphers lost all his concentration and the ground went to solid again.

Goku and Yamcha broke out of the ground watching the display. The Terramorphers was screaming, begging for mercy.

"I surrender! Nooo!" He was struggling in Vegeta’s iron grip as more of the worst memories come up to haunt him again.

"Vegeta! Stop!" Hearing his name broke the trance and his grip. He wasn’t sure which one called him nor did he care. He stepped away and Yamcha knelt down to the downed enemy.

"So cold." The Terramorphers said. "It was . . . no . . .so dark . . .make it stop . . . make it stop!" Goku looked down at him then at Vegeta. What did Vegeta do that they couldn’t see. The way Vegeta was acting moments after, he wasn’t sure if Vegeta himself knew.

"Man, Vegeta what did you do?" Yamcha asked the question on Goku’s mind. Vegeta only snarled at him, making him subconsciously move back away from the enraged Saiyan. Not saying a word Vegeta walked to the nearest alley to walk off this strange feeling. "What is his deal?"




Morning came to early for most. Everyone last night stayed over to make sure nothing else happened. The ship went on a return coarse home with both passengers inside. Both would need help. One physical and one mental. He was still saying ‘make it stop’ constantly. Almost made you feel sorry for him. Pretty close but still only almost.

Yamcha was being the chef this morning. Or trying to be as the stuff he made was nearly toxic to living creatures. Saiyans not included but only a starving saiyan could think about eating that. Vegeta the usual earliest riser, was giving a late start on the day. It was only eight forty-five but that was late to the prince.

He stepped into the kitchen, ignored the others as he reached in the cupboard and for the teapot with his herbal tea. He didn’t care for the black tar known as coffee. He found this as one of he most acceptable drinks this planet had to offer. The bots that made it every morning for him. It seemed to calm him a might. Bulma figured if that helped he could have it everyday for every meal if he wished. Luckily, the bots still made that as Yamcha said he try his hand at breakfast.

Yamcha still didn’t care greatly for Vegeta but he decided to make nice with the stubborn, willful, always angry, easily provoked, prince of saiyans.

"Wakey-wakey. Eggs and bakey." After he said that, he realized how many wrong ways Vegeta could take that. Each one resulting in his face getting pounded in. If Vegeta realized he wasn’t being rude or wasn’t listening, he was sure. But Vegeta didn’t move from his spot.

"Herbal tea." Yamcha didn’t seem to take the hint.

"Come on, one little taste. You could use a little food after what happened to the Terra-whater." Vegeta broke the mug in his grip as he the words left his mouth. The others could have groaned. Bad thing to bring up right now. Vegeta let go of the broke pieces of his mug and turned to Yamcha. Although shorter than him, Vegeta could strike fear in those who were ten feet tall. Yamcha was no exception even after the whole Frieza thing. He watched as Vegeta took a step in front of him.

"No." With that Vegeta headed to the door. Yamcha didn’t have the time to exhale, as the plate exploded from a small ki ball, that no one saw Vegeta place under the plate.

With runny eggs and overcooked bacon on his face he looked angry. Goku handed him a bunch of napkins to clean off his face.

"Maybe you should apologize."

"Me?! I’m not the one that turned breakfast into a battlefield!" Goku looked back at the hallway making sure Vegeta was gone. He figured his was but no one could never be sure.

"But, after the weirdness that down last night, you should have known better than go messing with him."

"I was trying to be nice." Yamcha turned slightly. "Not that he ever is." He said slowly to himself. Bulma watched his lips move and catch the gist of it. She felt like defending him.

"Vegeta is complicated. There is much about him we are not meant to understand." Yamcha turned to her.

"Then how are we suppose to trust him?" Goku turned to him asking his question.

"He’s our friend. No matter what he thinks. What more do we need to know?" Yamcha looked around seeing he was outnumbered. And stalked out.




Yamcha walked down the hall scared of the explosion he was sure was going to happen. Building himself up he reached out his fist. With the force of a fly landing on a rose petal he knocked once.

"Guess nobody home." He turned almost in a run into Goku’s chest. Looking up his saw Goku’s friendly face.

"You might want to knock a little louder." Goku knocked hard and the door broke off the hinges. Goku cringed as it fell. Vegeta wasn’t going to like this one bit. neither was Bulma.

"Now they both had to apologize." Both stepped into his room one foot at a time, like there were eggshells everywhere.

"Uh, Vegeta? Sorry about the door! Vegeta?"

"Dude, he’s not here. Come on." Yamcha got advantageous. And walked and touched everything like he owned the place.

"Were in Vegeta’s room. We should not be in Vegeta’s room. He doesn’t like people in here. Not even Bulma and it’s her house."

"So it’s are big chance to find out more about him." Yamcha spotted something on the desk. Picking it up he saw it was a heavy mirror with thorns and ragged pieces about it. "For instance, check out his mirror. Who know Vegeta took the time to fix his hair." Yamcha looked into it, glancingly. His eyes moved to it almost in a panic. "Ah! Is that a zip?" He checked closer to found nothing except two pairs of red eyes. Dropping the mirror in fear he backs away as black energy that looked like arms come out of it. Unable to even scream Goku didn’t realized what was happening.

"Come on, we really should be getting out . ." He turned seeing Yamcha being pulled by the black arms. Grabbing Yamcha’s ankle he too was sucked into the mirror.




Groaning in slight pain both got up seeing their new surroundings. Small asteroids of land in the void of space. They could breathe, so space couldn’t be where they were. But was the only way to decided what it looked like.

"Where are we?"

"I don’t know. I can’t feel anything. I can’t even feel your ki." Yamcha tried to fly but couldn’t.

"I can’t use my ki!" Goku tried. Nothing.

"Me neither."

"Oh man. I told you we should have stayed out of his room." Goku could have smacked the back of his head with that, but didn’t. "Sooo. How do we get back?"

"Guess we start walking." Yamcha looked around again.

"Come on. I’m serious. We’re on a rock in the middle of . . ." The large pieces of rock started moving in a row making a pathway. "Ah. If sending us to weirdsville is Vegeta’s idea of a joke, I am not laughing."

"Hey, he didn’t send us here. You’re the one who went into his room and started poppin’ zips in his magic mirror."

"Why would he booby-trap a mirror?"

"Maybe he’s not. He been all over the galaxy. Maybe it was he way back to some of his favorite places."

"Defiantly creep enough." Before anything else of said, they heard something else. A small voice.

"Turn back."

"Like a I saying. Creepy!" They looked around seeing nothing but black birds in a tree.

"Turn back." Another on said. "Turn back." The next one said. "Turn back." They sounded like small children. It was strange. They got down from the branches in front of them still talking. Their bills opened and fangs and sharp teeth grew. More and more showed and flew for the attack. They surround them, biting and pulling.

"Get ’em off me. Get ’me off me." Goku ran down the path with his still on his non-existent tail. "Cut it out." Both Yamcha and Goku ran as they were kiless in a bad situation. Back and forth on the pathway Goku was punching wildly. Until he punch the walkway with his nature inhuman strength. It cracked and started to break. "Oops." Goku grabbed onto the ledge catching Yamcha as he fell.

"Hey guys." A familiar voice but with a unfamiliar tone sounds above. Goku opened his eyes seeing Vegeta’s boots right next to him. He almost gawked at a smiling, upside down Vegeta. He never seen his smile before. Evil smile okay sure, but this looked . . . gentle. "What’s up?" Goku looked to realized that he wasn’t upset down. They were. It defied all logic. "I don’t know anymore!" Goku suddenly felt the pull of gravity and crashed them to Vegeta’s feet. Vegeta started laughing hard but in a way that Goku was more known for. Not Vegeta in a million years.

Yamcha got off of Goku looking at Vegeta all confused and bewildered.

"Vegeta. How did - where are- what just . . ." Yamcha did a double take and crossed his arms really perplexed. "Why are you wearing pink?" Goku looked up to see Vegeta was wear a spandex suit that he always wore but instead of blue it was pink. And not a shade like rosa, really honest to god pink. Vegeta only laughed a little more.

"Because . . . it’s my favorite color."

"It is?"

"No." He started laughing again. Goku had enough of this weird place. Vegeta seemed to be affecting and he’s clothes too.

"Look I love to talk fashion, but do you know the way out of here?"

"The forbidden door." Vegeta pointed to a cave like structure in the background. It after a appearance of a black swirling void. "But you don’t want to go there. Not now."

"Yes we do." Both said in unison.

" ‘kay! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!" Vegeta spread his hands out and started making the sounds of a airplane as he ran down the path leaving a stunned Goku and Yamcha in his wake.

"Man, have very seen Vegeta, this happy?"

"Dude, I did never know Vegeta could do happy." Going through the entrance the left the dark void behind.

Only to appear in a bright and sunny place. A complete one-eighty of the last place. Flowers and trees from as far as the eye could see.

"Now where are we?" Looking around there was huge floating strawberries in the sky. Goku reached out to grab one. It was real to the touch. He bit into it and it reformed immediately.

"I think this might be were air fresheners come from." He felt a hard slap on the back.

"Ah! Good one!" Seeing Vegeta instill in pink at his side.

"You found that funny?"

"Sure! I always thought you were funny. But hey, looks aren’t everything." Vegeta said walking away. To stunned to be angry they looked at each other. Vegeta had lost his mind.




Vegeta was meditating on the roof of capsule corp. The calm air was helping lightly. Bulma and Chi-Chi came up to check on him.

"Hey Vegeta are you okay." Bulma asked softly. "We stopped by your room and the door has been knocked down." Vegeta eyed his eyes wide and laughed that non-evil laughter, freaking out Bulma and Chi-Chi in the process. It was short lived as Vegeta somehow regained control.

"Need to be alone." Vegeta hurried himself off the roof. Bulma and Chi-Chi recovered moments after he left.

"Okay, many things I find strange about him but the was well . . . plain freaky."

Vegeta fazed to his doorway seeing it was down as their said. Stepping inside he lifted the door with his foot and kicked it into place. For the moment he placed thick ki bands around the hinges to keep it in place. Once finished he looked around for anything out of place or missing. Everything was the same expect his mirror was on the floor.

"No. Anything but that."




Goku and Yamcha walked the path around the pink and furry things in this place. All the way Goku listened to Yamcha’s gripes.

"He ditched us. I can’t believe . . . well maybe I can but he ditched us. The next time I see him, it’s not going to be pretty." Goku would have laughed known there was little Yamcha could do to him. Going through another forbidden door and return to a place there was in before.

"Hey! I know where we are. We are in that place where I didn’t know where we were before!" Yamcha thought about that sentence for a second realized he did make some sense in this senseless place.

Vegeta fazed in front of them in a gray spandex suit this time. Yamcha lost all composer at seeing him again so soon.

"Where were you?! Shopping for spandex?!" The yelling he was sure to come didn’t. Vegeta started to go all misty-eyed. And then a tear started down. Yamcha was stunned but that. He wasn’t expecting that.

"Whoa. Easy now. I didn’t mean to . . .don’t . ." Goku cut Yamcha off calling for Vegeta.

"Hey!" Vegeta turned his face to him. "That’s that forbidden door right, Vegeta?" Vegeta nodded still looking almost down. "Come on! We’re almost home!" No more than ten steps and walls of stone rose from the ground. Yamcha take to go back but was blocked. Goku punched the wall, and didn’t even leave a dent behind. "We got to get out of here!" Nothing was working, their attack were at useless as the non-usable kis.

"It’s a maze." Vegeta said with voice pained with tears he had to of shed not too long ago. "You can’t get out. You have to go through. I can show you the way, but you won’t like me when we get there anymore. No body anywhere likes me anymore."

"Hey now. What’s . . ." Vegeta walked off ahead with listening to Yamcha’s words. "Gee, Vegeta. Moody much?"

"Yeah, it’s like he’s a whole other person."

They walked for what seem like hours. It really only been a few minutes, but with Vegeta keeping talking a apologizing for every little thing he ever say or did. It made the time go really, really slow.

"And remember the time I called you weak, brainless morons that shouldn’t be allowed to bred? I’m sorry about that too. And the time . ." Goku and Yamcha stopped him there. They couldn’t take an more apologies from him.

"Vegeta. For the hundredth millionth time . . ." Goku joined in. "WE FORGIVE YOU!" Vegeta turned to the wall as raised his hand to make the secret passage open.

"And that’s the end." Vegeta said in a small almost timid voice.

"All right, Vegeta!" Goku couldn’t help but cheer a little. He looked around seeing the forbidden door and two statue in front of them. Their eyes were glowing red and both had a tails and two swords. His mind was screaming danger. Before he could ask the statues moved and became one. Now with eyes in the back of it’s head and four swords, this thing wasn’t going to let them pass.

"Told you, you would like me where we got here." Vegeta fazed away leaving the kiless Goku and Yamcha to fend for themselves.




Flipping through the channels find bad horror movies, a cooking show, and football game. Bulma sat quickly keeping her self sitting. Chi-Chi was the one strangely wanting to see Vegeta. Probably to see if he could sense were her husband was at. But Bulma wasn’t going to let her bug him after the night he had.

"May we need see if Vegeta is feeling better?"

"He said he wanted to be alone." She said flipping the channel.




Both backed up as the statue advanced. It raised it’s swords high to slice the intruders. Yamcha ducked and Goku flipped back as the first sword was coming. Goku moved in for a quick punch. He only ended up hurting his hand and it didn’t slow the moving stone down. Yamcha jumped on it head only to be thrown away hard into the rocky boulders around them.

"Yo! Four eyes!" All three looked to see Vegeta now in green standing on a high cliff. He jumped and landed a powerful kick and moved the stone statue back. "Whoo-hoo, in you faces!" It raised the swords and slashed. Vegeta moved avoiding them all easily before taking to the air. The statue looked up to see Vegeta’s final attack. Using two fingers he slit the statue into he halves again but the wrong way. The pieces fall over braking into thousand of pieces. Goku and Yamcha watched stunned. "Oh yeah! Who’s your prince?" He gave a short laugh and kicked the stones of the enemy before he turned to the others. "High fives! Come on!" Yamcha couldn’t take it anymore. The switching attitudes, the disappearing, the being here in the first place. He had it.

"What is your deal!? First you all laughing, then you go all weepy, and now your brave fighting machine without your attitude? Make up your mind. Who are you?!" Vegeta had a puzzled look on his face. Kinda mirrored by the other two in the pink and gray to just appeared.

"I’m Vegeta." All three said at the same time in slightly different tones. Yamcha seeing all three at the same time fell down in shock.

Goku was starting to piece this together. Each had different attitudes and ways because they represented that part of him.

"Happiness." He pointed to the pink one. "Sadness." He pointed to the gray one. "Bravery." He pointed to the green one. The one in pink walked to Yamcha.

"You forget dopey." He said pointing and laughing.

"Different sides of Vegeta’s personalty." Goku deduced. "We’re not same weird planet Vegeta has been too."

"We’re in his head." Yamcha said finally getting it.

"And I want you out!" Vegeta in his normal blue jumped

down making the others vanish instantly. "That mirror you found is for meditation." Vegeta eyes made them hunkered down. "It’s a portal into my mind! NOT A TOY!" Yamcha smiled as if that would defuse the situation.

"My bad." Vegeta didn’t have the time to kill them and he wouldn’t would to if they were in here. He had enough trouble in his head. He didn’t need more voices screaming at him.

"You two need to go. Now!" Goku looked at the genuine article

"Hold up. What is going on here?" Vegeta hoped to explain this quick.

"The Terramorpher let lose the bonds that held the worst parts of me in check."

"Oh, no you don’t. I tired of the mystery Saiyan routine. I want to know what is going on in here!" The ground started to shake as the problem was going to show itself. Everyone looked at the two-headed beast.

"HATRED SHALL RULE." The head resembled Vegeta’s father said. And the head of Frieza only laughed in insanity. Vegeta swallowed. He didn’t know it was this bad.

"Let’s say I have some issues with my father . . . . and Frieza." Both heads laughed before setting it’s sights on Vegeta. Goku and Yamcha never noticed and thought Vegeta was right behind them. Almost making to the exit the beast blasted in front of them making the fly back. It wasn’t going to let anyone leave. Vegeta jumped in front of them and used his ki, that was useable in his mind to create a ki shield as the blast came.




Still not finding anything on televison. Bulma kept trying tp find something. She wanted but didn’t want to go up to Vegeta. Chi-Chi was growing restless too. It was annoying.

"Can we go now?"

"No. He wants to be alone. Let’s respect that."




Vegeta held up the barrier the better he could. He was draining. The unleashed beast was stronger than him.

"You . . need to . .get out . . .of my mind. Now!"

"What about you?! We can’t leave you alone with . . . that!"

"Not going to happen." Goku said determination.

"My problem . . I’ll handle it. If I lose . . you two will be stuck here forever." The barrier was dissolving as Vegeta could hold it. "Go!" Vegeta aim a blast under there feet, blasting them in direction of the forbidden door. Unknown to Vegeta they dug their nails in the ground, stopping inches before going through the door.

Vegeta flew in the path of the two-headed monster. Flying fast he blast it with small blasts at it joints. Barely any damage done. It was too strong with him the handle but he had to keep trying. Vegeta got hard and fell from the sky. Only to be caught by the monster.


"Hey!" The monster looked up seeing Goku up above him on the ledge. "Sounds like someone needs a time out." He pushed huge rock over the ledge hitting both Frieza’s and King Vegeta’s head in one blow. It stumbled off the ledge to the darkness, losing it’s grip on Vegeta, who conscious wasn’t fully back yet. Yamcha rushed and caught Vegeta arms before he dropped into the abyss below. Pulling with all his might, Yamcha was able to bring him back up. Vegeta opened his eyes painfully seeing him.

"Why didn’t you go."

"You think I miss you getting your butt kicked like it deserves?"

"You know this changes nothing."

"Yup. I hate you. You hate me."

"Hey!" Both looked over at Goku. "I still like ya both. Now get over here!" The monstrous form rose back up again, angrier than ever.

"FEEL MY FURY!" Goku ran and hit the ground running, barely missing the eyes lasers that threaten to go through him.




Bulma turned off the television as she went through all the channels twice and still nothing on. He resolve to running low and she needed to be strong.

"Can we now . ."

"No!" Chi-Chi huffed at walked to the kitchen again as turn the t.v. back on.




Vegeta blasted the rocky, dusty ground to create a smoke screen. They needed to group and think. Head-on attack wasn’t going to work on him.

"He’s too strong. I’m not powerful enough to defeat him."

"They call for back-up. What about all the other you’s."

"Yeah, that green one was really strong."

"None of them have the power I need. Rage and Malice are two of the most powerful emotions I have. Together . . . their strength is unbelievable.

"If those two can fused. Can all the other yous."

"In theory, yes. But it would take time." Goku picked up a big rock. The only weapon he could use here.

"Then we’ll make time." Vegeta closed his eyes called to the others and Goku and Yamcha ran off to distract Rage and Malice.

One in yellow appeared with thick glasses, intellect. Pink, green, and grey showed up at the same time. They were watching near-by. Purple showed with a light smile but he wasn’t like happiness. This was his light to the darkness. All emotions falling under love, compassion and things like that were represented by him. Then brown. It was neutral. Contentment if you will. Then the weakest of all show in orange. He represented laziness and disgusting actions. basically, all un-princely behavior. He without he was would be complete. Forming a circle all the one’s around him began to spin and fast. A blur of color before only white remained. He needed only a little more time.

Goku was hurt on the last throw. And Yamcha one leg refused to move. If Vegeta didn’t hurry they would be stuck here forever. Like prays, Vegeta answered the mental plea. Now the same size and power and Rage and Malice. Hands open vegeta blasted him hard, knocking back. Goku and Yamcha ran for cover, knowing it was Vegeta’s fight now. They did what they could do.

"YOU ARE GOING BACK WHERE YOU BELONG!" Vegeta’s voice bellowed deep.

"NEVER!" Rage and malice attacked again with all it fury. Vegeta with all his borrowed powers, pushed all his power out on a all or nothing attack. As did the Rage and Malice. The beams met in the middle pushing back and forth like a pin-pong match. Vegeta closed his eyes and pushed everything he had. The energy was pushed inch by inch until duo screams were heard.

Blinding light receded as two small forms showed. Goku gasped seeing two chibi Vegeta’s standing in red and blood red suits. They glared with solid red eyes. But quickly bowed their heads. Then turned into red energy and joined with Vegeta to create the balance he had before he Terramorphs attack.

With it all back the way in was, Vegeta appeared back on the ground in normal size and color suit. Breathing deep and beyond drained.

"What do you say . . . about getting out of here?" Like he have to ask.




Bulma was trying to get Chi-Chi fist away from the door. She was so strong like when she was younger.

"I going to ask him, Bulma. It’s been all night."

"Vegeta doesn’t want to be disturbed."

"He could find out quickly and it would be over. Stop being ridiculous."

"I don’t want to bother him."

"It would only take a second." The door come open and Chi-Chi looked up seeing Goku. "Where are you been."

"In here. Guy talk." Vegeta only looked away at the comment.

"Hungry from all that talking?"

"Totally, let’s have real breakfast this time." Goku ran to the kitchen. Yamcha after him.

"What do you mean by that?!" Chi-Chi followed screaming to not make a mess in other people’s houses. Bulma looked at Vegeta.

"You okay?"

"Just a few things I had to sort out . . . in my mind."



okay, this was totally for humor. I’m say it again. This is a skit. Storyline was taking from teen titan - nevermore. Names and most of the dialog has been changed to fit the dragonballZ world. I do not own dragonballZ or teen titan. I am only using it to create my vision. They will be some major changes in the beginning and such but will resemble teen titans-nevermore episode. Any O. O .C ness is from the nevermore storyline. If you never seen nevermore and want to now go to youtube and put in teen titan - 6. This was written in two days. It was a little rushed I sure but I wanted to get out as soon as possible.

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