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Sleeping Beauty

by FromHakaryou

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This actually comes directly from a LRP session I had with my bestest friends in the world. It was kind of an AU of ours and we had the coolest battle ever in Sarah's backyard!! I was Vincent, Loki was Cid, Sarah was Tifa and our good buddy Brett was Cloud/Sephiroth... Of course Cloud didn't show up until Sephiroth had kicked all of our butts... But it was fun.. and when Cloud and Tifa hovered over me and said this little bit of dailogue - I broke character. It was so damned funny. Characters are not mine... Sadly.

The battle was over. Sephiroth was gone, for now, if not defeated once and for all, and they had survived with surprisingly few fatalities.

Cloud Strife stood up slowly in the center of their ‘battle field’, brushing the dirt from his knees and shouldering his sword as he took in the carnage. Cid was sitting, cross-legged on the ground with his staff propped up beside him, grumbling and smoking like a chimney as Yuffie attempted to bandage his arm. Tifa was…. And Tifa was…

“Cloud!” The blond turned his head quickly as he heard his name called from somewhere behind him. Tifa was across the field, waving rather frantically to get his attention - she was crouched next to what looked like a pool of blood.

Cloud quirked a brow and strode towards her at a relatively quick pace, slowing as he realized she had found Vincent, sprawled on the ground from the blow he had taken just moments ago. Tifa looked worried, but Cloud knew better.

He crouched down opposite Tifa and stared into Vincent’s seemingly lifeless face.

“Is he dead?” Tifa whispered breathlessly.

Cloud snickered.

“How can you tell?”

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