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Missing Scene

by sparkchick

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Where, exactly, were the Turks during Dirge of Cerberus? Hiding and protecting the President, of course... Reno/Rude

“What are you doing?”


Reno was in the process of seeing just how far he could tilt back the chair he was sitting in, without going sprawling backwards. “What's it look like, partner? I'm sittin' back, having a nice drink, relaxing. What fun is life without a gun in one hand and a bottle in the other?”


Rude studied his gun, making sure that the safety was off. “You realize that we could potentially die at any moment, right?”


“Hey, that's life, yo, yanno?” Reno replied, twisting and pulling the nearest bottle of wine off the shelf. He studied the label with a critical eye, deemed it worthy, and yanked out the cork. “Besides, it's boring down here.”


“We're not directly involved,” Rude stood at stiff attention against the shorter wine rack that served as the door to the hidden bunker. “Let Reeve and his WRO fighters handle the problem. We're not necessary, and Shachou needs to be kept safe.”


“'s fuckin' boring, now that I shot all the rats,” Reno drawled, taking a drink of the wine. “Ohh, this is good. Wanna try some?”


“Not on the job…” Rude muttered, shaking his head. “You're not even listening to me. Those Deep Ground people, or whatever they're called-”


“Blah, blah, destruction of the planet, blah, blah, yo, death and torment, blah, blah, so on, so forth and all that.” Reno waved a hand. “Didn't interest me the first time I heard it, partner. Now, are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna sit down and have a nice drink with me?”


Rude was silent for a moment, and Reno inwardly cackled at the fact that he'd at least gotten the taller man to think about it. “No,” he said, and Reno pouted at him.

“Why not?” He took another drink, wondering if he was going to have to switch tactics on him.

“Because we're guarding the President, Reno. Are you insane?” Rude gave him a critical look over his shades.


“No, I'm horny as fuck from watchin' you blow up that helicopter.” Reno shifted tactics so abruptly that Rude didn't have time to push his shades back up, and was caught like a deer in headlights. The headlights of the full-on, Sexy Reno Look â¢. “Mmm, you know how I like your special treats, baby…”

Rude made an odd sound in the back of his throat that sounded suspiciously like “guh”.

Reno grinned, stretching lazily, taking another drink. “Mm, all warmed up from that…” His jacket was already slung over the chair, his shirt artfully rumpled. He reached up and undid another button or two. Just because.


“Knock it off, Reno,” Rude tried to sound commanding and powerful. It came off more as petulant. “Deep Ground-”


“What, you don't think I can shoot straight while getting fucked into the wall? Depends on which way we're facing, yo…” Reno toyed with his shirt, shifting just so, and the shirt slipped off one shoulder. He gave Rude the bedroom eyes again, grinning. “What about it, partner? Are you up for a little danger?”

“Dammit,” Rude muttered, taking two quick steps over to Reno and leaning down, grabbing his chin in his hand and kissing him slowly. “I'm up for you, baby. Of course, that might just be the same thing these days…”


Reno chuckled, arms sliding around Rude's neck. “I knew you'd see it my way…”


Rude gently pressed him back into the chair, shaking his head. “I do see it your way, partner, but no way. Not right now. Too dangerous, and either one of us could bite the big one. That doesn't worry me too much, but if we didn't die, Shachou would have Tseng skin us alive.”


“Nah, he wouldn't do that,” Reno continued to cling to Rude. “He'd probably do it himself…”


“…not a comforting thought, Reno.” Rude did give him another light, gentle kiss. “Now lemme go, baby. Once this is all over, and we've got the all-clear from Reeve, you can damn bet that I'm going to take you home and nail you to the wall… you ok with that?”


Reno sighed, slowly letting go of him. “Yeah, I guess so, yo. You do owe me.”


“I'll pay you back in triplicate. And I'll make up some more of those bombs for you,” Rude promised, moving stand directly next to his partner this time.


They stood and sat in silence for a while, Rude finally unbending enough to take the offered wine bottle and have a single sip. “That's a good vintage.”


“Told ya so. If we're gonna be stuck in the cellar of the mansion, might as well make the most of it.” Reno took the bottle back, fingers lightly brushing Rude's. “…least I'm stuck with you, down here.”


“No one else I'd rather be bored with,” Rude agreed, shifting so his arm brushed against Reno's. “No one else I'd rather have watch my back.”


Reno sat in silence, feet propped on a crate, head dropped back over the edge of the chair, bottle dangling loosely from his fingers. “…Rude?”


“Yeah, partner?”


“…did I ever…” Reno stopped now, and raked a hand through his hair, chewing on his lip. “Yanno, I think the only times I've ever said- said `I love you' is… yanno, before, during or after sex. Right before an' after, I mean.”


“That's because all you want to do is have sex,” Rude retorted, then stopped, raising an eyebrow. “Wait, is this a serious conversation?”


“Yeah, it's a serious conversation, what, you think I'm jokin'?” Reno gave him a slight glare. “I mean- I- it's not like I don't love you…”


Rude looked honestly confused, and behind the shades, Reno knew he looked hurt as well. “…wait, you don't love me?”


“No! Yes I- wait- hold on, fuck it.” Reno yanked on his hair a bit, annoyed at himself. Usually he was so good with words. “No, that isn't what I meant… What I meant was- was that I don't say it enough! I don't say it when it counts!”

“I don't get it, Reno. It's fine, really it is…” Rude was obviously trying to placate his partner now. “Calm down.”


Reno dropped his chair back to all four legs, reached up and grabbed Rude by the tie, yanking him down for a deep kiss. “I love you,” he said, reaching up and tugging the sunglasses off. “You got that? You're mine, my partner, my lover, and I love you. Do I need to write it down and pin it to your jacket, like a little kid?”


“Would that make you feel better?” Rude's eyes were glowing, and he kissed Reno again, gently untangling his hand from his tie and holding it, moving back to his position.


“Just might,” Reno agreed, head tilted, listening for sounds from above. “Guess we better focus now. I think I hear another one of those choppers.”

“This should be interesting,” Rude didn't let go of Reno's hand. “Bet you I kill more than you do.”


“You wish. Everyone knows I'm a better shot than you,” Reno grinned, tipping his chair back again. He shifted, sighting his gun at the door, still holding Rude's hand.

“You're on, partner,” Rude grinned, shifting his weight slightly. “Loser does the winner's bidding for a day.”


“Hope you're prepared to go to work naked on Monday,” Reno purred, listening to the sound of voices grow louder.

“You say that like you're going to win.”


“What were you planning to do if you won?”


Rude glanced at him, then grinned slowly. “I hope you like being tied to the bed.”

“Goddamn, you're tempting me to throw this, you bastard.” Reno tugged him down for another quick kiss. “I'll get you for that.”


“I look forward to it.” Rude moved away again.


Reno didn't let go of his hand. Rude didn't try to pull it away.

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