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Personal Demons

by BlizzardComics

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Personal Demons is a supernatural horror story taking place in 'somewhere' Japan, in a tiny town where no one ever comes in, and no one ever leaves. Growing tired of being around the same people, walking around the same quiet town, 9th grader, Tsukasa Sassi, is trying to make contact with the outside world. "Nothing ever happens in a small town like this," Sassi says, "And nothing ever will." But he's soon to be proven very wrong...

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Chapter 1, Nothing Ever Happens in a Small Town

Personal Demons


-Based in early March, year 2046 A.D.

When I was little, I remember my mother telling me, “You don't have to live in a big town to see the world's biggest events.” But sometimes, I wonder if those words were true. You see, we live in a small town-a fairly new town, only established about 30 years ago-and I never liked it. All my life, I've craved the big city; I've craved seeing the lights and the shoot-outs, the crimes, the excitement, everything. I craved the air. But we've always lived in this quiet little town, the same old thing, every day. Nothing ever happens in this town. No neon lights, no crimes, no excitement, nothing. My mother's words were wrong. Nothing ever happens in a town like this, you have to live in the big city to be entertained.

My name is Tsukasa Sassi, (that's pronounced Soo-Kaa-suh Saa-shi,) but I go by Sassi, and I'm a freshman at Norton high.

Isn't it weird, how when you're young and it's your birthday, you feel older for some reason, but when you're older, you lose that feeling? I just recently turned fifteen, but I don't feel any older. I feel like I should feel older, but I also feel like something's missing-I'm not sure what.

“Tsukasa! Tsukasa Sassi, come here!” Kazuma Mimiru, my best friend, approached the bus stop.

“What?” I called back.

She waved her hand at me, indicating that she wanted to show me something. I got off the bench I had been sitting on and slowly made my way toward her.

“What is it?” I asked.

She looked at me and smiled, “you have to come with me, silly.”

“But I have to…” I started, but before I could finish, she took my wrist and pulled me away. I looked back at the bus stop, “Mimiru, I have to work today!”

She had obviously heard me because she looked back at me and laughed, “You can call in sick today!”

“But…” I gasped, trying to keep up so she wouldn't pull me down.

“Don't worry, I brought my cell!” Mimiru kept running, without slowing down, “Sassi, c'mon! Keep up! You have got to see this!”

We ran about five blocks before she finally slowed to a stop. She turned to me and pointed towards a nearby bridge.

“Mi-Mimiru?” I scanned the area near the bridge. It looked like it always did. Was I missing something?

“Look there, in the sky!” Mimiru gestured higher.

I searched the sky casually, and in the distance, a small shape came into view as it emerged from the clouds. “What's that?” I gasped.

“The News broadcast said that government officials don't know what it is. Whatever it is, it didn't come from earth.” Mimiru replied.

I stuck my hands in my pockets and began to walk away, “whatever, you watch too much television, Mimiru.”

I didn't see her, but I felt Mimiru scowl at me as I shuffled away.

“See ya' later, Mimiru,” I waved back to her.

“Sassi!” She cried out from behind me, “They said it could be a missile…some kind of weapon!”

“Nothing like that would ever happen in a small town like this,” I mumbled just loud enough for her to hear me.

“Augh! Not this again!” Mimiru growled, “Did you ever stop and wonder if your mother was right? That you don't have to live in a big town…to see the world's biggest events?” her voice became shrill and quiet.

I stopped and turned to her, “even you remember that? You always believed her when she said that…” I kicked some dirt at my feet, “don't you ever stop dreaming?”

She smiled wearily, “When you live in a small town like this, all you can do is dream. I know you have dreams too, Sassi.”

“Yeah,” I turned away again, “I dream about people-real people and real things. Not things that we can never hope to happen.” I left Mimiru standing alone on the bridge.

I looked up into the sky as I approached downtown, (the only resemblance of a city for another thousand miles,) I couldn't see the object that had caused so much commotion in town. I looked back at the road to see the office, (I'm a delivery boy.) My boss, a young blonde woman who always wore a tuxedo-style business suit, stood outside the office, posting a sign.

“Ma'am!” I called out, “What's my route today?” I smiled.

She glanced back at me, “Oh, young mister Sassi, good morning.” She chimed, “I'm afraid that the office is closed today, sorry to waste your energy. Don't you usually take the bus?”

“Yeah,” I replied and rolled my eyes, “but that Kazuma Mimiru pulled me off the stop again…Why's the office closed?” I pressed.

“Oh, because of that thing that they say is coming down from the sky. All businesses are closed today-well, that is, except for the hospital and police departments of course.” She hung a closed sign on the door, “looks like you'll have to find something fun to do today.”

I sneered, “Fun? In this town? That's a laugh.”

“Why don't you watch the news? You could learn something.”

What is everyone's obsession with the news in this town, I thought? I knew why; it was because nothing ever happened in a town like this. My mother was wrong and I was right. I waved goodbye to my boss, “well, see ya.”


I headed back to the bridge where I had left Mimiru. During the whole walk, I thought about the outside world. I thought about how it almost seemed as if it didn't even exist. Nothing ever happens in a town like this-ever. Just like nothing is happening in this town right now. The people here are just so desperate for excitement that they panic over some falling debris from a plane or something. I shrugged. I couldn't wait to see their dumb faces after they found out that they were freaking out over nothing. I laughed to my self. Not out loud, just inside. Inside, I was laughing at them.

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