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Like Ice

by doggieearlover

Libraries: Drama, InuYasha, One Shots, Romance

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He's dying... or is he? Written for the "Shiver" Mini-challenge in the InuErotica community at LiveJournal. Requirements: "Shiver" theme and 500 words or less. Warning: spoilers for Manga Chapter 523.

Disclaimers: I do not own InuYasha or any of the manga/anime characters. They belong to the wonderful genius Rumiko Takahashi. I just enjoy making them play with each other.
Title: Like Ice
Type: Vignette, Divergence
Genres: Romance, Canon
Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Warnings: Some groping and Spoiler from Manga chapter 523
Word count: 496
Like Ice
Shiver. Ice. That’s what it felt like; he was trapped in snow or ice. Why was he so cold? Was this death?
Shiver. If he was dead, why was he freezing? Shouldn’t he just be – dead? Or shouldn’t he feel warm if he died at peace with what he had done? He did not regret it and would do it again. It didn’t make any sense.
Shiver…no… now there was… warmth. One final shudder slipped through his entire body and suddenly, he seemed to be…
Shiver. Now what? Surely this was it, and his soul was about to ascend. A gentle touch to his shoulder, warm lips pressed to his. Without a second thought, his left hand reached up and wrapped in the thick silken hair that draped across him. Desperately, he held her to him as she kissed him. He felt as though she was pouring her very life-force into him, pulling him back from the brink. He felt the warm air from her nostrils rush across his face, assuring him that at the very least, she was alive. Or was she? Was this a dream? Was he really dead? Another tremble shook his body as her fingers delicately traced the line of his jaw. Encouraged, his right hand reached up and palmed her breast that was within reach. Gently, he squeezed. Yes, that seemed real enough, warm enough. He felt the gasp from the warm mouth as it pulled away from him.
“You really are alive!” she exclaimed, both thrilled that he was awake and appalled that he had groped her. Somehow, that seemed more real than his hand that was currently wrapped in her hair.
Shiver. A quiver ran through her as she realized that she liked it. She leaned over to softly kiss him again. She was rewarded as the rosary covered palm slid down her back, following her curves to cup her buttock and caress it.
“I would kill you for that if I hadn’t been afraid you would die,” Sango whispered into his ear. “The poison - something happened, and it appears to have been eradicated from your body. But you seemed so cold…”
Miroku finally opened his eyes and found tear-filled ones staring back into his. “I thought I had died, but then you were there. I was so cold, but you gave me warmth. I thought I was dreaming, but then… then…” Miroku gently rubbed her buttock that was still cupped in his hand.
Sango resisted the urge to slap him, and instead firmly grasped his wrist and moved his hand from her backside to the ground. “Don’t get carried away, Houshi-sama. I’m just glad you didn’t die from Magatsuhi’s poison.”
“Was it a dream then? When you kissed me and told me not to die?” he asked softly. “I thought I was until I heard your voice… or did I imagine that, too?”
Shiver. “Shut up, Houshi-sama. You talk too much.” Sango leaned over to kiss him again.

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