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Unsaid Secret Denial Truth

by Kisaragia

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Sesshomaru's mother contemplating the nature of the relationship between her son and his ward.


Disclaimer: All recognizable characters in this fanfic belongs to Takahashi Rumiko.

Author's note:

In this section, lines that are directly taken out from manga chapters 468 & 469 are my own direct translations from the raw.

Chapter summary:

The lies we tell ourselves.





Through her Meidou Seki seeing her son who is known for being cold and ruthless caressing the girl gently with an unusual softness in his eyes, she could not help but become curious. “Little demon, that little girl – what is she to Sesshomaru?” Jaken nervously replies, “How should I put it? Just that although I, Jaken has been in service for many years, compared to Rin, she has always received better treatment…”


She did not get much of an answer from the little demon, but she rolls her eyes in disinterest anyway, “whatever she is to Sesshomaru, she will be dead soon” – hence no point in pursuing. Indeed, the little girl stopped breathing soon after. “So, Sesshomaru… what now?”, she muses to herself. The tension is simply too much for Jaken, unable to contain himself, he could not help but ask, “Er, so Rin is…?” “Dead of course, there’s nothing to be done is there?”


But no, the little human girl did not die – in fact she is the one who saved her. “All this commotion over one mere little human girl… he has come to resemble his father in the strangest way.” She has not expected this to be honest. She is not sure yet how she should take this queer development in her son. The thought of her son to actually care about the life and death of a human is so ridiculous in her opinion that it has never even crossed her mind. Her son had disregarded her offer of a way out from hell earlier in order to go after the girl. He could have not been able to return from there, yet he chose to go after her? Even though she was dead? The thought makes her uneasy. What was worse, he discarded Tenseiga because of her. A warrior never relinquishes his weapon for anything, not to mention the sword was his father’s legacy, and yet he had forsaken it because of her…?


This is not love. She says to herself. She soon finds herself pondering from time to time on what the human girl was to Sesshomaru and why does he care so much.



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