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Versus Poeticus

by the-nameless-one

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Poetical Verse, an original collection of Latin poetry with translation

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Chapter 1, Parva Puello in Suo Genu

This is my first serious attempt at writing poetry in Latin and obviously free verse.  I do not intend, however, to write much (if any) more Latin poetry without meter and/or rhyme.


Hic sum denuo,
Haec stulta parva puella in suo genu
Mendicans pro animo attento,
Avans pro studio,
Hujus species sanctissimae,
Hujus cervi albi,
Circumdans contra solem rubrum,
Fictus ad viridante arbore.
Ex me simulacris
In me vitam rupit,
et ego...?
Relinquo stulta parva puella in suo genu
Mirans quod hic angelus videt,
Avans esse quod his angelus
Somninat, avat.
In tenebris frigidis solitudinis,
In luce refrigerans felicitatis,
Cingens ad somno mortuo
Saepiens in mortario comminuens,
Hujus puella manet.


The Little Girl on Her Knees


Here I am again.
This silly little girl on her knees
Begging for the attention,
Wanting the devotion,
The Love
Of this most holy figure,
Of this white stag
Emblazoned against the red sun,
Framed by the verdant trees.
Out of my visions
He burst into my life
and I...?
I am left the silly girl-child on her knees
Wondering what this angel sees,
Wanting to be what this angel
Dreams, wants.
In the cold dark of loneliness,
In the chilling light of happiness,
Surrounded by dying dreams,
Encased in this crumbling mortar,
This girl-child waits.

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