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Meant 4 You

by NegativeZero

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Now time is all I have, / All that I can give,...

Now time is all I have,
All that I can give,
No one in this world,
Could have done me like you did,
You took away mai love,
And shared it with someone new,
Now mai lyfe feels empty,
And I dont knoe wat to do,
I find maiself staring,
At a picture... in your eyes,
The tears dont stop coming,
Cuz now Im lonely for tonight,
I made a wish on a star,
Just for you every night,
To alwaise be happy,
Even if I wasnt by your side.
I love you so much,
That I give mai soul to you,
I be there when you need me,
Cuz mai heart was meant for you.

© 2003 TimZ

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