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I remember

by Jereth Nian

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I remember a snowy cold Connecticut morning,
I remember smashing a Giant Gingerbread church,
I remember walking in a wood, pretending to be King,
I remember watching on as my Dad played his Computer Games.
I remember reading books when I was bored,
I remember trying to step into my sisters’ room,
And I remember and her slamming the door on my foot, breaking off the nails,
I remember learning how to clean no matter what important things I was doing,
I remember breaking something nice, lying,
And I remember getting in trouble just because my sister looked more innocent,
I remember laughing while my sister cried because she sat on an ant colony and got bitten,
I remember fearing my bike for several years until I conquered it,
I remember learning to swim, somehow already knowing how,
I remember my mind drifting as I floated in the bathtub,
I remember tasting my first Chinese in a quiet restaurant,
I remember leaving my home and going to a new one,
I remember school and the long process of assimilation,
I remember surviving the first heat waves in this strange place
Only to remember staring at snow slung from the sky,
I remember struggling to find a friend,
And finding one at last among the chaos of social life,
I remember learning how to draw,
I remember the pride I took in my art,
I remember learning about the gods of ancient civilizations, come and gone
And I remember wondering if they had it any better than us because of their pure society,
I remember learning of the Chinese ideals, of Harmony, and Zodiac,
And I remember searching for books on Zen,
I remember learning about Buddhism, and the endless cycle of cruel carnations,
I remember,
I remember,
I remember, almost nothing at all of the life that I have lead

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