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Sweet Abyss

by Lovepepper24

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This is just some stuff that goes on in my head.

You call me.

You follow me.

You know my name.

You know my game.

You know i'm not really there.

Do you know i'm not really here?

Do you see me standing there all alone,

Calling for someone, anyone to come and save me.

Will you help me?

Do you make up what i lack?

Are you there Sweet Abyss?

Do you hear me calling your name?

Am i the one to blame,

For this mess, this stress?

Is she alive?

Or have you killed her?

Silenced her forever.

Is she gone never to return?

Did she say she loved me before you so brutally murdered her?

Are you there Sweet Abyss?

I will take you in.

I will love you like no other.

Come to me Sweet Abyss!

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