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Love and Loss

by SeventhNight

Libraries: Angst, Drama, Kingdom Hearts, Male/Male - Shounen-Ai, Romance, Series

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Axel's made up his mind to leave the Organization. But what about Demyx, his closest friend and lover? (all things KH2 (c) SquareEnix )

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 - Leaving


He’d made up his mind. He had his orders…and as he ripped up the card with said instruction on it, he knew there was no going back. He was tired of doing Xemnas’s dirty work and taking out the members that didn’t unquestioningly obey his every whim. Besides, there were still things he wanted to find out on his own…and staying in the Organization meant that would never happen.
He knew full well what would happen, once the Superior realized he wasn’t coming back…The attack dog would be loosed to find him…and dispatch him as soon as he was ratted out. He had to put some distance between himself and the World That Never Was. Xemnas was powerful, but he wasn’t omniscient. If he could just elude him…
“Axel?” a soft voice pulled him out of his reverie and back to reality. Turning quickly, he saw Demyx walking behind him, a bewildered look on his face. Forcing a smile, the red head pushed his hood back and leaned down to press a tender kiss to his lover’s cheek.

“Hey baby,” he said softly, slipping an arm around him whilst the other hand shoved the ripped up paper into his pocket. Demyx wrapped both arms around the other’s neck, pulling him close to kiss him softly on the lips. Sighing against that cool touch, the pyro rubbed lightly at his lover’s back.
“Where are you going?” the blond asked once their lips parted again. Axel looked away from him for a moment. He couldn’t lie to Demyx. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t gloss over it all and make up something to appease him.
“I’m…going away,” he said after a moment.
“What, on a mission? Where?”
He shook his head. “No, no, babe, not on a mission…” Sighing, he rubbed at the back of his neck as the water sprite gave him a slightly worried look.
“But I thought…Axel…” The red head could feel the blond tense against him as both hands gripped at his coat. “You don’t mean…you’re…you’re..” Blue eyes widened, tears welling in them. Axel hurriedly looked about before leaning closer to the other, brushing his tears away with gloved fingers.

“I have to, baby…Xemnas is getting out of hand…He’s getting too ambitious…too bold. And…Quite frankly, it’s scaring me. He’s given me orders that I just can’t go through with.”
“You’ve done some really bad missions in the past,” the blond plead. “What’s one more?”
“A lot, Dem,” he said, sighing a little and shaking his head. “Look baby…I don’t want to do this. But I don’t have a choice.”
He tried to caress the blond’s cheek, but was rather surprised when his hand was slapped away. Clouded oceanic eyes looked up at him, a pained expression on the overly emotional nobody’s face.

“You swore you’d never leave me!” he snapped, shoving the red head back. Axel stumbled, grunting a little as he hit a nearby wall.
“I’m not leaving YOU, Demyx. It’s not like that-”
“Then what?! You’re gonna refuse to do something even if it means splitting us apart?!”
“Demyx, I never said that!!” He pushed away from the wall and seized the blond’s shoulders. “I love you, more than anything, you know that…Believe me, I wouldn’t do this unless I knew it was really important. I want to find out about something, and if I’m right, it might help us.”
Demyx looked up at the other, and the red head could see the turmoil between anger and pain in those now stormy eyes. Finally, the blond pressed his forehead to his lover’s shoulder.
“Please, Axel,” he begged softly. “Please. Don’t leave me.”
Sighing a little, the red head traced the other’s jaw-line with one hand, taking his chin and pulling him up for a tender, lingering kiss. Green eyes closed, one arm slipping around the blond and holding him close as the exchange continued. Finally, their lips parted, both letting out shuddering sighs.
“I don’t want to go…but this is something I have to do.”
Demyx looked up at him, eyes narrowing slowly. “Fine…FINE!” He shoved the red head back again, this time sending him to the ground. Cursing his luck at having a horribly bi-polar lover, Axel got to his feet again and looked at the other. Both of the musician’s hands were balled into fists at his sides, tears streaming down his cheeks.
“You want to go, then just fucking go!” he snapped. Crimson brows narrowed as the red head glared back at his lover.

“Demyx, I didn’t want to leave like this..”
“Oh so you were just gonna leave without saying good bye, is that it?!”
“I didn’t want to hurt you!” the pyro snapped back at him, green eyes flashing brightly with the fire burning inside him. “I didn’t want this to happen! Now look at us, yelling at each other like this!”
“You deserve it you selfish asshole!!”
“Oh do I? Then why don’t you just go tell the fucking Superior, huh? Is that what you want now? You want to see me shredded and ripped apart and left to fucking FADE, is that it?!”
The look of terror on the other’s face told him he’d gone too far. The blond took a shaky step backward, eyes wide. Axel sighed and slowly reached out to him.
“Baby, I’m sorry. I-”
“Get away from me!” the blond sobbed, backing away. “I…I-I hate you!!” He turned sharply and ran, face buried in his gloved hands.
Axel knew he didn’t mean it…but never the less, those words hurt. For the briefest instant, he felt a cool wetness on his own cheek before the heat of his body made it evaporate away.
“I love you, too, Demyx,” he said softly as he turned away, pulling his hood up and stepping into a portal, leaving behind the Organization, Xemnas, his orders…and the one person he had ever loved.
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