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by SeventhNight

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Demyx found himself a kitten. But will Axel be okay with sharing his space with another rambuntious creature? (all things KH2 (c) SquareEnix)


It was always nice when a mission went smoothly. Smooth enough in fact that is saw the one performing it return home EARLIER than expected. That alone was enough to put a spring in the blond’s step as he headed back to his room. Home already, and no doubt Axel would return soon as well…
The blond paused a moment, peeking down at a small lump that he held beneath his coat. That had to have been the best part of the mission by far. Cooing a little and chuckling softly, he was about to continue on his way…when he looked up and saw Saïx standing in the hall before him. The Nocturne paled, holding the tiny thing against his chest a bit more firmly.
“S-Saïx!!” he stammered, faltering back a step. The Diviner merely nodded in response, seeming more interested in what the blond was trying to hide. “Aah, um w-what have you been up to?”
“The same as everyone else,” he asked softly, a blue brow raising as he heard a soft mewling noise. “Demyx…what have you found?”
Realizing he’d been found out, he slowly reached into his coat…and pulled out a small black kitten. Its downy coat was only interrupted by three spots of white on his face (two above his alarmingly green eyes and one on the side of his muzzle), and two little white ‘socks’ on his back paws…The thing was damnably cute, squirming in the blond’s hand and batting at the dangling silver chains on his coat.

“I found him on my last mission,” the Nocturne admitted, a faint blush touching his cheeks. “He was just wandering around the streets, no home or anything!” It was hard not to flinch as the Superior’s favorite stepped closer to him, raising a hand and running a single gloved finger over the kittens head.
“You should have left him, Demyx,” he scolded gently, amber eyes darting to meet oceanic blue before going back to the kitten. “…I take it you’ve already named him?”
“Course!!” Demyx answered with a smile, raising the kitten to his face to nuzzle at the soft fur. “Mistoffolees, you know, like the one cat from that play thing or whatever.”
The look he got in response told him that the Diviner had NO idea what he was talking about. Clearing his throat, he shrugged a little.

“Well, there’s not a rule or anything that says I CAN’T have a cat, right?” the blond said, not really sure why he felt so defensive all of the sudden. “I mean, I have all my fish and stuff, right? So why not a cat?”
The Diviner chuckled deeply, stroking over the kitten’s head again before he looked to the other once more.
“I never said you couldn’t, Demyx,” he said softly. “My only concern is that you look after him well.”
The blond’s face brightened, a smile spreading over his lips as he nodded enthusiastically.
“Oh yeah! I will, I promise I will!!” he babbled, making the Diviner chuckle once more at his boyishness. Grinning still, Demyx nuzzled the kitten again, who mewled and batted playfully at his bangs. “Well, I’m heading back to my room. See you, Saïx!” the Nocturne called as he hurried away. The blue haired Nobody waved a little, chuckling to himself as he headed for his own room.
“Axel is going to kill him…”
Groaning as he trudged into his and Demyx’s conjoined room, Axel silently cursed missions that involved anything less than half his height. It just was not any fun to find oneself up to his knees in freakishly friendly forest animals. Now, all he wanted to do was shower off and fall over for a while.
The sound of his lover’s voice coming from the back room caught his attention and brought a smile to his lips. Alright, so shower and sleep could wait. He hadn’t expected Demyx to beat him home (not that he was complaining in the least).
Crimson brows rose a little once he reached their room…and found Demyx sprawled on the bed and playing with a little kitten. The blond looked up when he saw the red head enter the room, quickly getting off the bed and moving to hug him. Slender arms encircled the blond’s waist and held him close…waiting for an explanation.
“Hey you!” Demyx said when he finally loosened his hug, kissing his lover’s cheek and smiling at him. “How’d your mission go?”
“Annoying as fuck,” the red head responded, leaning close to press a soft kiss to his lover’s cheek. Then…he had to ask. “Um…Dem? What’s up with the cat?”
“Hah! I found him on my last mission,” the blond said, stepping away and reaching to pick the kitten up before holding him out for Axel’s approval. “His name is Mistoffolees!”
Damn Demyx and his enthusiasm. Green eyes met equally bright green as he looked at the kitten…who promptly mewed at him. Demyx grinned, holding the kitten close again and nuzzled him.
“Isn’t he cute?”
“Demyx…you’re doing that thing where you don’t use your head again,” the red head said with a slightly exasperated look.
“Huh? Wh-What do you mean, Axel?” the blond said, giving his lover a rather hurt look. Sighing a little, Axel shook his head.
“We can’t look after a kitten. We’re gone more often than not, that or we’re busy with something…When are we going to find time to take care of a kitten?”
Demyx opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again, unable to actually think of a good reason. Chewing his lip a little, he glanced at his lover. The red head had a point, loathed as the blond was to admit it.

“But Axeeell…he’s so cute!” he protested feebly, pouting a bit when he got a stern look in return. After a brief staring contest…Axel relented a little and sighed.
“Alright…maybe…maybe we can see if someone else will watch him when we’re not here.”
“Yay!!” the blond exclaimed, throwing an arm around his lover and pressing a firm kiss to his lips. Axel sighed against that cool touch, wondering what in the hell he was getting himself into. First a kitten…what next?

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