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Ranma Kurata

by Animeiac

Libraries: Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Misc Anime and Manga, Ranma ½

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Misako rescued Ranma from the wedding disaster. Now the real question is what's going to happen next? Warning: This will contain bashing of the fiancees, the rivals, Akane, the Kunos, the parents, Happosai, and Cologne. And yes Nodoka will be the villianess in this story. I'm sorry all of you Nodoka fans out there reading this fic.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 01: Stop the Wedding Disaster


Ranma Kurata

By Maricruz (a.k.a Mari, Maric, Maricc, Mar, maric106, Animeiac, and Anime-iac)

Disclaimer: Ranma is the © property of Rumiko Takahashi. Kodocha is the © property of Miho Obana.

Picture 1. This is Sana Kurata. She's 11 years old, in the 6th grade and a TV star.

Picture 2. Her Momma, Misako Kurata. Award winning novelist and her chipmunk friend, Marou.

Picture 3. Rei Sagami, her manager, ex-boyfriend, and now good friend. He looks after Sana and help her extend her career.

Picture 4. Akito Hiyama. Once her arch enemy and now one of her best friends. He still annoys Sana but that's because he likes likes her.

Picture 5. The cute but annoying Babbit who always in every scene and in between. (Babbit's the Babbit Baby!)

Picture 6. And this is Ranma Saotome. What's the reason why is he here? Well if you read this fanfic you'll see why.

Chapter 01: Stop The Wedding Disaster!

It's been several weeks since Saffron incident over at Jusenkyo and Nermia was enjoying this ever wanted peace that has been lost since the arrival of the NWC. Alas all good things must come to an end when a explosion was heard over at the Tendo Dojo. Yes my friends this is the ever famous Disaster Wedding.

“RANMA!” A certain uncute fiancée was fully enraged. “HOW COULD YOU INVITE ALL OF YOUR OTHER FIANCEES TO OUR WEDDING!” She has her mallet ready for the smashing.

“HEY IT WASN'T MY IDEA!” Ranma defended himself through out the chaos. “NABIKI WAS THE ONE WHO SEND OUT THE INVITES!”

“Ran-chan! I'm your cute fiancée! You're suppose to marry me!”

“Airen! You come back to China with Shampoo!”

“Ranma Darling! Come with me and we'll spend an eternity together! HOHOHOHOHO!” Cried out his other three fiancées.

“Ranma You Cad! How Dare You Do This To Akane!”

“Ranma How Dare You Took My Beloved Shampoo!”

“Foul Sorcerer Saotome! Once I Destroy You I'll Free The Fair Akane Tendo And The Pig-Tailed Girl From You Vile Grasp!” Added his most hated rivals.

“Ranma change into a girl and wear this bra I got for you!”

“Son-in-law come back to China and marry my Shampoo!” Concluded Happosai and Cologne.

“WHAAAAAA!! THE WEDDING IS RUINED NOW THE SCHOOLS WILL NEVER JOINED!” Wailed Mr. Tendo with streams of tears pouring out of his eyes.

“Boy Stop This Foolishness And Marry Akane!” Barked Genma Tendo. Thinking Ranma was playing and not taking his responsibilities.

“My son this is so unmanly of you.” Nodoka was disappointed that he's avoiding the fiancées.

“Oh my Ranma's friends are so lively.” Kasumi said with her generic smile.

“This will cost us a fortune.” Nabiki was doing her usual calculations.

“Aw man can't my life get any worse than this?” Ranma complained while doing his best to avoid the attacks/glomps.

Surprisingly Ranma's luck is about to change when just a hundred feet away a car that is carrying three people, a man, a woman, and a little girl. The man in the driver seat is in his mid 20s, has dark blonde hair, wears a business suit and sunglasses. His name is Rei Sagami, the manager and agent of that famous child actress of stage, screen, and television Sana Kurata. The woman next to him is in her 30s, has long brown hair which is kept in a neat but loose bun. Wearing a nice looking kimono, and very bizarre hat that looks like the Taj Mahal with a cute little chipmunk living it. She goes by the name of Misako Kurata, the world famous novelist and mother of the child actress. And last but never least is the little girl that I mentioned a few times is none other than Sana Kurata. She is 11 years old and in the sixth grade. She is wearing cute pink shirt with lime green overalls shorts and triple heart necklace with her name imprinted on it. And her strawberry blonde hair in her usual twin pig-tails tied in little yellow bows.

The Kuratas and Rei were just returning from a commercial shoot that Sana was in when Misako suddenly felt a small prickly feeling inside her. “My senses are tingling.” she announced as pin pointed the source of that feeling.

“What is it Momma?” Sana asked, wanting to know what's going on with her mother.

“I felt a great disturbance in the force.” Misako answered her curious daughter.

“Misako, have you been watching Spider-Man and Star Wars at the same time again?” Rei assumed that this was just another of Misako's little jokes.

“This is no joking matter Rei! It's more of life and death!” Misako scolded Sana's manager. “Now step on it!”

“Yes Ma'am!” Not wanting to questioned Misako's reason Rei did what she said and speed up the car a bit.

Not a second later the car stopped at the Tendo's residence and Misako and Rei quickly got out of the car. “Sana you stay here in the car. Rei you come with me and hope we're not too late.” Misako ordered and immediately rushed into the Tendo's place.

“But Misako,” Rei catches up to her, “We don't know the owners of this place.”

“But I know who has been living here!” Misako shouted back.

“I swear I don't get paid enough for this.” Rei mumbled as they entered the Tendo's place.

Back at the wedding Ranma was still dodging what ever the NWC was throwing at. There was swords at the left of him. Umbrellas at the right of him. Bombaris and mallets above him. And various of flying objects below him. “Man is there any way I can get out of this tight spot?” He asked himself. Luckily his prayers been answered when a man and woman burst into the scene.

“STOP THIS MADDNESS AT ONCE!” Shouted a woman's voice.

Everyone stopped attacking Ranma and turned around to see a not so happy Misako.

“Whoa! Misako is scary when she's not happy.” Intervene Babbit flying over the scene.

“Oh my It's Misako Kurata!” Kasumi was excited to see her favorite celebrity author at her home. “I must get her autograph!”

“That's better.” Misako returned to her composure as she let Rei and herself in. “Now can anyone tell me who's in charge if this 'festive' moment?”

All of the NWC were pointing at the Saotomes and Soun Tendo. Soun has no idea what's going on right now nor who's that woman is. But Genma and Nodoka were in shock to see Misako.

“Well well Genma and Nodoka.” It seems that Misako actually knows the Saotomes. “I should've known that your hands were in this little crime scene.”

“Misako!” Nodoka said her name harshly under her breath.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Genma demanded. He knows that if Misako is around it's not very good for him.

“Oh really Genma is that any way to talk to your dear cousin?” Yes Misako and Genma are cousins. Shocking isn't it? “I heard that you two are having a wedding but you didn't even bother to send me an invitation. I'm so hurt.”

“Well we didn't think you would want to come with your career at all.” Nodoka has always been envious about Misako's success. But hey she's the one who chose 'family honor' over fame and fortune so it's her loss.

“Is that you really think of me NoNo?” That was Misako's nickname for Nodoka since she married Genma.

Which Nodoka wasn't very fond of. “You know I hate when you call me that.”

“I know that we haven't seen each other for about over 10 years but still you should've called.” Misako ignored Nodoka's annoyance. “Now can you two tell who was about to get married in this so-called joyous occasion?”

The Saotomes and Soun Tendo pointed at Ranma.

Misako looked over her should and see Ranma who was confused by all this as much as everyone else. “Thank you Dear Cousins.” She walked over to the startled pig-tailed youth with Rei following behind.

Ranma couldn't make anymore sense of this. First his fiancées and rivals trashed the wedding. Next Happosai drank his only chance for a cure for his curse. Then Akane was about to mallet him. And now some woman with a weird hat and a chipmunk living it was coming towards him. 'Man I don't know how much craziness I can take anymore.' He told himself.

“Excuse me young man.” Misako address to Ranma. “Are you by any chance Ranma Saotome?”

Ranma wasn't sure if wants to answer that question considering what Genma might have done. “I'm sorry Lady but what ever deal you made with my Pop I don't want any...”

“Rest assure that I never have nor never will made deals, bargains, or arrange marriages with your father.” Misako did her best to put Ranma's mind ease. “Now I'm asking you again, are you Ranma Saotome?”

For once Ranma was a bit surprise. Normally when people ask him for who he is it's always about a check that Genma skipped out or some arranged marriage that the fat panda man made while on their ten year trip. But this woman standing in front of him confided in him that she never did any of those things. So he thought he could trust her a a bit. “Yes I am Ranma Saotome.”

“Very good.” Misako praised Ranma for his answer. “Now I'm going to ask you another question and I want you to answer as honestly as possible.”

Ranma just nodded his head.

“All right then, now are you, Ranma Saotome, had married yet?” Misako got straight to the point.

“No Ma'am, I was going to but...” Ranma answered with an explanation in mind but Misako hold up her hand.

“That's all I need to know.” Misako told Ranma. “Thank goodness we got here just in time.”

“Huh? In time for what Lady?” Ranma just had to ask since he has no idea what is going on right now.

“I'll explain everything later on.” Misako promised Ranma and then turned to Rei. “Rei grabbed the boy and we'll make a run for it!”

“Wha? Misako are you insane?!” Rei was astonished by what Misako had ordered him to.

“This is no time to argue and now do as say!” Misako made it clear for Rei if he wants to keep his job.

“Fine, come on kid lets go!” Rei quickly grabbed Ranma's hand and started running off the Tendo's property.

“Hey Man! What's the deal here?” Ranma has mixed emotions of confuse, surprise, anger, and fear of what is happening right now.

“Believe me kid, even I don't know why I'm doing this but it's best to not to question Miss Kurata's reasonings.” Rei confessed to Ranma as they headed out the backyard.

“RANMA HOW DARE YOU RAN OUT OF OUR WEDDING!” Akane screamed out as she and the others starting running after them.

But Misako has a few tricks of her own as she pulled out a firecracker and aimed it at the NWC. Starts shooting fireworks at at everyone.

The NWC were too busy screaming and running around trying to avoid the shooting fireworks but to no avail.

Misako just laughed hysterically as she enjoys watching everyone scrambling around like scared chickens and then she catches up with Rei and Ranma.

Seconds later the two adults and the youth made it at the car. “Hurry Rei before they start to recover.” Misako urged as she got into the car.

“Yes Ma'am.” Rei automatically obeyed as he open the side door. “Better make room Sana we have a new guest.”

Sana scooted to the other side of the car as Rei put Ranma in the backseat with her. “Hi my name is Sana.” She introduced herself to the pig-tailed male teen. “I'm in the 6th grade, 11 years old, and a TV star.” One of the things I like about Sana is that she not shy around strangers.

“Um Hi, I'm Ranma Saotome.” Ranma returned with his introduction. “I'm 16 years old and heir of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts.”

Rei and Misako got into the car not a second later. “Star the car now Rei and floor it!” Misako commanded while she looks back to see if anyone is following them.

Rei feverishly tried to start the car until it roared to life. “It's Alive!” The sunglass wearing manager cheered and the car sped off away from the Tendo Residence.

“Wow I thought Rei usually drive this fast when ever I'm late for school.” Sana compared this day with her usual days.

“I can't believe what we just did!” Rei was still in shock of today's events. “You do realized that we could get time in prison for breaking an entering and kidnapping!”

“This isn't a kidnapping it's a rescue mission.” Misako said her point of view.

“Rescue Mission?” The others repeated what Misako just said.

“Um Excuse me Miss...” Ranma wanted to say something.

“Please Ranma, call me Misako.” Misako suggested. “After all we are pretty much family.”

“Uh okay,” Ranma took her word for it. “I just wanted to ask you, not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but what do you mean when you said rescue mission?”

“Why I saved you from making the biggest mistake of your life course.” Misako stated matter of factly.

“Really?” Ranma was usually the one who does most of the rescuing but this the first time that someone rescued him.

“Yes, if Genma and Nodoka were about to make a boy to get married at 16 I knew there was something wrong with it.” Misako diagnosed her theory.

“But Misako are you sure that that no one was forcing him to get married.” Rei voiced his opinion then switched to Ranma. “By the way, I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier today Ranma. I'm Rei Sagami, Sana's personal manager, driver, and agent.

“Hi nice to meet ya.” Ranma returned the greeting.

“This is Genma and Nodoka we're talking about.” Misako reminded Sana's manager. “Genma has always been the con artist in the family and Nodoka, well lets just say that she is not as nice as she makes herself appear to be.”

“You know my parents Misako?” Ranma asked in a curious way. This was the first time that someone else knew his parents besides Soun Tendo.

“As long as I've been alive in this world.” Misako replied in a mysterious way. “I did promised you that I'll explain everything to you later. But first how about we get you some new clothes. I don't think that you want to wear that tuxedo every day of your life and I'm not so sure if Rei here has anything that will fit you.”

“Although I think you look really good in a tux Ranma.” Sana complimented.

“Uh thanks Sana was it?” Ranma did his best to remember her name.

“Yup!” Sana just smiled at him and Ranma simply smiled back.

“I'm glad that you two are starting get along.” Misako valuated Ranma and Sana's starting friendship. “Because I wanted my daughter to get to know her cousin.”

“We're cousins?” Sana and Ranma echoed.

“Of course you two are.” Misako confirmed. “And Ranma will be staying with us for a while.”

“Oh Yeah party time!” Sana was excited that she and Ranma are cousins, even though that Sana was adopted, she feels like she and Ranma will be best of friends.

“Okay if you say so.” Ranma was still wasn't sure how to make of this, but hey, he might as well enjoy this while he can before the NWC realized that he's missing.

Returning to the now deserted wedding. The NWC was still recovering from Misako's shooting fireworks. They were dusting themselves and putting out little flames.

“I can't believe this I just can't believe this!” Akane was still pretty pist by all of this. “First Ranma had all of those hussies hanging off of him. Then some crazy woman with a weird hat was shooting fireworks at my wedding and now that jerk suddenly disappeared! When I find him I'm going to make pay for all of this!”

“WAAAAHAAAAAA!!!!! MY BABY AKANE IS SWEARING REVENGE! NOW THE SCHOOLS WILL NEVER BE JOINED!!!” Soun was crying like a baby as usual but he suddenly stops when he saw Genma and Nodoka sneaking off from the back yard. “Hold it you two!” The elder Tendo surprisingly showed a back bone for once. “Is there something that you're not telling me?” Soun raised a suspicious eyebrow.

“Now what do you mean by that Tendo old friend?” Genma tried to get out of this situation.

“Really Saotome I usually expect something like this from you.” Soun stated then turned to Nodoka. “But you Nodoka? I'm surprised. Exactly who is that woman and why did she took Ranma?”

“I don't know what you're talking about Tendo.” Genma was now sweating profoundly considering that this one trap that he'll never escape.

“But she knows you and Nodoka very well!” Soun grabbed Genma by the collar of his gi. “Now Tell Me Who That Woman Is!”

At this point Nodoka had no other choice but to confess. “That was Misako Kurata.”

Everyone turned to Nodoka.

“Her name is Misako Kurata. She is my husband's cousin and Ranma's Godmother.”

“Godmother!?!” That was everyone's reaction.

“Yes it's true.” Nodoka was now going to explain. “When Ranma was born we appointed Misako to be his godmother since she couldn't bear a child of her own.”

“Oh that's right I remembered that she mentioned about it in one of her books.” Kasumi pulled her copy of Misako's “My Child and I.”

“What!?” Now it was Nabiki's turn to be surprised. “You mean your telling that you're related to the most famous authors in Japan?”

Genma and Nodoka simply nodded but with a lack of enthusiasm.

“Okay so she's a relative of yours.” Nabiki acknowledge, “but that still doesn't tell us why she took Ranma.”

“Do you know anything about it Saotome.” Soun tighten his grip on Genma's gi.

“Honestly Tendo I really don't know.” For once Genma was telling the truth.

“SAOTOME!” Soun pulled his Demon Head technique on the fat Saotome patriarch.

“Really Tendo I don't know!” Genma was being the coward that he truly is.

“It's the truth Soun!” Nodoka stepped in to save her husband's worthless hide. “We don't know why she took Ranma.”

“I'm sure there's a logical explanation why she did.” Kasumi added her opinion. “Maybe we call her I'm sure she'll tell us.”

Soun returned to his normal stated. “Oh that's an excellent idea Kasumi.” He then turned to Genma and Nodoka. “Why don't you two call her since she's your family Saotome?”

Genma and Nodoka pretty much fidgeted when Soun made that request.

“Well aren't you going to call her or not?” Soun was getting impatient. Now we know where Akane gets it from.

“Actually Tendo,” Genma laughed nervously, “we don't really know her phone number.”

“But you two at least know where she lives.” Soun was now desperate.

“I'm afraid not Soun.” Nodoka shook her head shamefully.

“You mean neither of you don't know where your own cousin lives?” Nabiki couldn't believe that both Genma and Nodoka were that less intelligent. 'Maybe Ranma was the smart one in that family after all.'

“Well we weren't exactly that close.” Genma said it truthfully. “Since she's always busy with her 'writing career'.”

“Oh that is a shame.” Soun hung his head low. “To think she would rather be a writer than a traditional Japanese Woman.”

“So true Tendo old friend. So true”

“We Must Do Our Best To Keep Our Traditions Alive In Our Beloved Country We Call Japan!” Soon Genma and Soun were back to there old selves.

The rest of the NWC were amazed by Genma and Soun's stupidity.

“Those two can't be really be Ranma's and Akane's fathers.” Ryoga spoke up.

“Are those two for real?” Mousse put in his two cents.

“Perhaps I might been wrong about young Saotome.” Kuno was now feeling ashame of being a Japanese male.

“Are you sure he's Airen's father?” Shampoo now wasn't sure if she wants to be in Ranma's family.

“Surely Ran-chan is smarter than those two.” Ukyo was having second thoughts about the same thing.

“That atrocious man can't be my darling Ranma's father!” For once Kodachi is now afraid of having Genma for a father-in-law.

“I'm adopted I must be.” Akane was embarrassed by her father's antics and just hold her head in her hand.

“To think those two idiots are my best students.” Happosai now regrets of taking both Genma and Soun.

“This is why men are second class in our tribe.” Cologne exasperated.

Nodoka chose to ignore this awkward moment so that she can concentrate of getting Ranma back. 'Misako you dared to interfere on my son's marriage to Akane.' The wayward mother was furious in her mind. 'Just what are you up to?'

Cut to the scene where Rei was still driving Ranma and Sana with Misako in the passenger seat.

Misako was too thinking about what happened today but she was trying to figure out what was the real reason. 'Nodoka I know that making Ranma marrying someone was part of one of your devious schemes.' Hey you think that Genma was actually smart enough to pull a stunt like this? Or even smart at all? 'Now I want know which one was it and the reason why.'

Scene split in two with Misako and Nodoka on both sides and thinking the only one thing. 'You won't get away with this!'

“Oh Man this is a very intense way to start off this fanfic.” Babbit made his appearance to help end this chapter. “Now all I want to know is what's up with these two ladies and why they don't like each other? One thing's for sure, this story is going to be filled with mystery and suspense. I just hope that there will be some laughs to balance it out. Too much Drama!”

Chibi Sana and Babbit behind a desk: Hi, Sana here. Here's a sneak peek on what happens next time on Ranma Kurata. Please bear with me that this my first Ranma/Kodocha crossover. It turns out that I have a cousin name Ranma and even though I'm adopted I feel like he and I are already family. Why did Momma took Ranma away from his own wedding? Will she tell Ranma everything like she promised? Could she know something about Nodoka that no one else knows? What dark secret that Nodoka has been hiding all these years? Find out next chapter of Ranma Kurata “Secret's Out”. “This story is so secretive” Babbit ended this closure.

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