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Switching Places

by rainetomoe

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Gundam Wing, Humor, Sailor Moon

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What chaos can happen when the Sailor Senshi not only swich roles with the Gundam pilots but bodies aswell? Please tell me what you think it's my first crossover.

Chapter 1

Switching Places

“Hurry Sailor Moon! We can’t hold them off much longer!” Mars yelled before doing her ‘fire soul’ attack, which engulfed one of the black creatures destroying it.

“Right!” Usagi exclaimed “Moon eternal Make – Up!” A bright pink light engulfed her along with swirling ribbon and feathers, transforming her into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Pulling her scepter from hammer – space Sailor Moon was ready to dust all the creatures, when they all stated to glow a dark violet and came together in a dark burst of energy transforming into a large black monster with hoofed feet and long fiery red hair. The creature smiled at them with a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth before ripping a hole in the sky.

“What is that thing?!” Venus asked as she pointed to the dark hole.

Mercury took out her computer to analyze it. “It’s some kind of dimensional tear.” She replied as she kept pressing buttons and watching the monitor.

“That leads where?” Jupiter asked as she watched the darkness grow.

“Yah and how do we get rid of it?!” Mars was looking over Mercury’s shoulder at the computer.

“Sailor Moon you might be able to close it by using your silver crystal.” Mercury closed her computer with a snap.

“Alright, it’s worth a try. Cosmic Moon Power!” Sailor Moon held up her scepter and focused her energy on the hole.

Everyone had forgotten about the creature until it threw a dark energy ball at Sailor Moon making her fall backwards and her scepter skid across the street.

“Hey what is that?” Duo asked no one in particular. He was in his Death Scythe on his way to earth when a flash of light caught his attention. When the light faded what looked like some kind of portal was left.

“Heero, this is Duo. I’m in earth’s orbit and there is something here that you have to check out. It looks like some sort of black hole.”

“I’m on my way.” Duo heard the emotionless reply from the other side of the radio.

The other Gundam pilots had also been in the area and within thirty minuets they were all there trying to figure out what this thing was and why it was there.

“Alright I’ve had just about enough of this!” Sailor Moon yelled as she got up off the ground for the third time. “Let’s take care of this together!”

“HAI!” The other scouts replied.

“Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!”

“Venus Love and Beauty Shock!”

“Mars Flame Sniper!”

“Jupiter Oak Evolution!”

“Silver Crystal! Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!!”

There was a blinding flash as the attacks penetrated the tear, followed by an explosion of energy. As the hole was being destroyed the force of it made the scouts fly backwards and slam hard into nearby buildings.

As all this was happening a large burst of energy sent the Gundams hurling towards the earth in a mad spin not even Duo could get out of.

Duo opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. “Alright what’s going on? And where’s Death Scythe?” Just as Duo was about to go look for the gundam a young girl with long blonde hair wearing a sailor outfit with a very short orange skirt walked up to where he was.

“Ummm…excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to know where we are would you?” She asked. Duo scratched his head in thought, realizing his hair was up in a high ponytail and a lot shorter than he last remembered.

“Where did my braid go?!” Duo asked in a panic.

“Duo is that you?” The blonde girl asked.

“The one and only. Have we met before?”

“Duo you’re a girl! You know me, it’s Quatre.”

Duo started laughing. “Right, I’m a girl and your Quatre.”

“Look at yourself if you don’t believe me. Oh and don’t bother looking for Death Scythe because it’s not here.” Quatre said as she put her hand on her hips.

Duo looked down to see long slender legs under a very short dark green skirt and a large pink bow on ‘her’ chest. “This can’t be happening. I can’t fall in love with myself.” Duo was feeling herself up and down. Then started to blush. “See look! Not right!” He then really looked at Quatre for the first time. “Hey not bad.”

“Better watch it Duo. I learned a few new tricks.” Without getting a reply from Duo she brought her hand up to her face and yelled “VENUS - ” Then kissed her fingers making a small yellow heart appear. “- Love and beauty shock!” The energy smacked Duo in the head making her fall backwards onto the ground.

“Ok lets see what I can do.” Duo said with a grin as she stood up and stretched out her hand while yelling “JUPITER – “ Then started spinning around. “ – Oak evolution!” As she spun, balls of green energy flew in all directions.

“Watch it Duo, you could hurt someone.” Duo just grinned even more.

Usagi awoke with a groan to find herself in very strange surroundings.

“Hey where am I?” There were all kinds of panels with flashing lights and buttons all around…him? “What happened to me? Where is my hair? And where are my…? Eeep and why do I have one of those!?” Usagi exclaimed as he looked down his pants.

“This is way too weird for me.” The Chinese boy mumbled as he pressed a few buttons on the control panel. The gundam responded by taking off into the earth’s atmosphere.

“Hey this is sooo cool!” Rei exclaimed before he heard the all too familiar sound of Usagi’s whining.

“Usagi will you shut up!” “But these shorts are too tight!” Usagi stopped her whining for a moment and blinked. “Is that you Rei?”

“No it’s Queen Beryl…Of course it’s me, who else would tell you to shut up?”

Usagi stuck out her tongue then remembered what she was going to ask. “Where is everybody else?”

“How would I know? I don’t even know where I am.”

“Hey you two this is Makoto.” A young American boy with long brown hair pulled back in a braid and blue eyes appeared on the viewing screen.

“Makoto are you all right?” Rei asked.

“I’m fine and I think I might have found someone.” Makoto landed the Death Scythe and climbed out of the cockpit. There was another machine similar to his but there seemed to be no signs of life inside it. “Hello, anyone home?” Makoto asked as he opened the hatch to the pilot seat to see a young blonde boy just waking from the crash. “You ok?” he asked.

“Your Makoto right?” Makoto nodded in reply. “Oh I’m so glad to see you!” The blonde jumped up and gave him a big hug. “What happened to you?”

“Not just me.” He grinned and pointed at the blonde. “You too.”

The boy had a confused look on his face then looked down at himself in surprise. “Ack, I don’t know how to use one of those!” Minako was gesturing with his hands to his lower body.

Makoto just shook his head then pressed a couple buttons. The screen flashed for a moment then showed two other boys. “Hey Rei, I found Minako.”

“I am also present.” They heard another voice then saw a young face behind a set of bangs that could impale the thickest metal.

“Ami?” Rei asked and got a nod in reply. “k now that we know we are all alive we gotta me up somewhere so we can figure out what’s going on.” Everyone else agreed except Usagi who was still whining.

“But I don’t know how to work this thing!” Usagi complained as he smacked a button on the controls that activated the beam cannon, which blew a large gap in some nearby mountains. “Oopsie.” Usagi mumbled.

“Usagi!” Rei yelled. “Don’t touch anything else until at least one of us gets there! And remember we can see what your doing.”

Usagi sat back in her seat and crossed her arms. “Oh alright.”

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