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Don't Be Stupid

by usc_inu

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A little drabble about Kyo & Tohru. Please R&R!

A little kyo and tohru fluff. Drabble.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket. If I did, the anime would go on longer and there would be a second season. But I don't -- cries --

Note: this is a scene from the anime/manga.

"Hey look at that pretty girl"

"Ooo she’s pretty!"

"She looks dumb though, but that'll be easier for us to get her date us!"

The two boys walk over to Tohru, who was sitting in the shade of an apple tree reading a book. The boys halt in their tracks as a very handsome young man with orange put his arm around tohrue and passionately kissed her. The boys quickly turned around and walked away.

' Omg mom! Kyo is kissing me!' Tohru whispered to her dead mother.

"Hey," said Kyo, gently holding Tohru's chin in his hands. "Don't look stupid all the time. Because if you do, something bad is going to happen to you one of these days."

Kyo smiled and laughed as Tohru out a serious look on her face. "You dope! Not like that! Just be yourself."

A/N: alright, please R & R!!

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