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Broken Hearted

by NegativeZero

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He was a total jack*** but she loved him...

He was a total jackass but she loved him. He alwaise had a way to make her laugh. She was alwaise smiling. Her name was Sky and she was a teenager in love. Every night he called her it alwaise ended with kisses or it never ended at all. Sky's boyfriend was the average typical high school boy and his name was Jack but everyone called him Jay. He loved taking photos. One day he brought his camera to school and started to take pictures. He often concentrated his lens towards Sky but she was alwaise camera shy. So he told her that maybe if he was in the pictures with her then she wouldnt be so shy. She smiled at him knowing what he was planning. Sky was alwaise in his arms from that moment on. Every single picture they took together was memoriable and full of laughter. Their love was at its peak and it felt as if she was at the top of the mountain with him staring at the world below. One day Sky got sick but it was nothing serious. Jay went to school and he started to miss her because there was no one else that he would spend time with during the break times excpet for her. He was cautious about calling her because the teachers would take away his cell fone if he was caught on school campus. Sky picked up and he told her that he missed her. He asked if there was anything that she wanted but she said she didnt need anything. Although Jay never listened, after school he went to her house and brought her flowers. Luckily he knew that Sky's parents wouldnt come home till late cuz they worked nights. He stayed at her bedside but she was alwaise pushing him away cuz she didnt want him to get sick. He kissed her anywaise and told her that he was gonna make her soup. He helped her down the stairs and set her on the couch, where she truned on the TV and watched her favorite show, Spongebob Square Pants. He made her a bowl of whatever he could find in the pantry... Ramen!!! He pulled out the bag and looked at her with a grin on his face while rubbing his tummy saying 'yumyum'. She started to laugh but it hurt cuz she ahd a sore throat. He apologized and waited for the noodles to boil as he sat right next to her trying to cuddle with her. The next couple of months were the most fullfilling months in both of their lives.

One day during the ending of the second semester Jay told sky that he was gonna go away on vacation to Hawaii with his family. He told her that he would miss her and call her everyday. The day that he left he called her everyday the first few weeks and then the calls started to be every other day, then none. She constantly kept trying to call his cell but it seemed the signal didnt go through. She cried everynight telling herself that it would be just one more month before he came back and that everything would be back to normal. The school year began in August and Jay never called her when he got back. She started to notice that Jay wasnt going to school anymore. She felt concerned and called up his house fone. His mom picked up and was surprised to hear from Sky. Sky had met Jay's mom before and she loved Sky like a daughter. She told her that he would go get Jay. It was silent for a while and she began to think what she would say to him or what he might say to her. Jay picked up the fone and said hello. Sky was so excited that she hesitated and blurted out anything that came to her mind. "Hi Baby!" Jay was surprised and unexcited. He said with no feelin in his voice, " Hello Sky." She was askin him how was his whole trip but all he said was it was alright. Jay told her that he had to go because he had homework to do. She asked him why she didnt see him at school. He told her that he was going to a new school and he tried to rush the conversation. She said alright and kissed the fone but all he said was goodnight and hung up. No kisses. What was going on? Sky was concerned so she called him back up. When he picked up the fone he was kind of furious and Sky was askin him why he didnt kiss her back. He didnt say anything. She burst into tears. He started to feel bad and he tried his best to calm her down. After a while, he told her that he had to go to sleep because it was getting late. Sky kissed him goodnyte again and he kissed her back and then they hung up the fone.

Sky decided to go see Jay at his new school. So after school was over she headed straight for Jay's school. As she was coming up the block she saw Jay driving his car with a girl in the passenger seat. Jay didnt seem to notice Sky as he passed her because he was too busy talkin to 'his friend'. Sky was getting suspicious and asked her best friend if she could get a ride to Jay's house. They pulled up in Jay's nieghborhood and parked just a couple houses down. Sky got out of the car and went to Jay's house. She knocked on the door and a girl opened it. She asked who she was and she said she was Jay's girlfriend. Sky's eyes began to tear up but she was trying her best to hold it back. She asked where Jay was and the girl said that he would be down soon. Jay came down the stairs in sweats and noticed that Sky was standing there. Sky looked up at him as he was coming down and screamed at him. The girl was trying to hold her back but she fought to get to him. The girl and Sky started to fight and the girl pushed her out the door and shut it fast to lock Sky out. The girl inside screamed at Jay asking who the hell was that. Jay told her that is was his Ex and that she was still crazy about him. Sky was pressed against the door and banging on it with frustration. She screamed and cried a cry that no teenage girl in her lyfetime should cry. The cry of a broken heart. The cry of a torn soul. A cry so filled with sorrow that it darkened the sky. She wispered, " I loved you and you took it away, I loved you and you took mai heart to share it with someone new..." Sky's friend came running when she heard the screams and found Sky lying down like she had been shot and was bleeding from her heart. Her eyes showed nothing but a blank look. Sky's friend, Kia, picked her up off the floor and dragged her to the car. She sat her down in the passenger seat and kneeled down in front of her. Sky still had that blank look on her face and Kia was staring in her eyes. She saw a tear start to fall. Sky looked to Kia and asked her, " Why does love hurt so much?" Kia couldnt answer but tried her best to comfort her friend. Sky told Kia to take her home and they left.

The next day at school Sky didnt go to school. Her friends and teachers started to worrie that something was wrong. Sky's parents were away for the month so none of the school advisors could contact her. She was alwaise a bright girl and never missed a class. Sky's best friend, Kia, began to worrie as well. After school she went to Sky's house and knocked at the door. There was no answer. After about two hours of waiting she heard someone on the other side. She also heard footsteps coming to the door. The door opened and Sky was standing there with that same look in her eyes. It look as if she hasnt slept for days. Kia tried to tell her that break ups were normal and that she would be on her feet in no time. Sky didnt say a word but stare into a blank TV screen. Another tear began to fall and she looked to Kia and said, " It still hurts..."

Kia ask, " What hurts?"
"Mai Heart."Sky said. Kia looked at her friend and walked over to her. She gave her one of the biggest hugs any friend could ever ask for. Sky told Kia that she would show up in school tomorrow and that she wouldnt have to worrie. Kia was relieved to hear her say that but she was unsure so she stayed over at Sky's house for the night. They stayed up that night talking about things that only best of friends talked about. They talked about love, life, and of course, boys. About two hours later, after they felt tired. Kia slept in the bed with her best friend hugging her and telling her that everything would be alright. Sky only smiled and looked away. While her friend slept she was staring at a photograph of her and Jay on the drawer. She remembered all the good times and the smiles and the laughs that they once shared with each other. For once in a couple of days she started to smile but it quickly turned back into that lonely expression when she realized that he was never coming back. And as she stared once last time before shutting her eyes a tear started to roll down her face and she whispered... I still love you.

The next morning Sky and Kia went to school. And as she got out of the car she saw all of her friends calling to her. They all gave her a hug for they knew what had happened. They tried to comfort her by telling her that it as okaie but she knew that it wasnt. With all of her friends trying to cheer her up, she didnt want to let them down by being sad, so she put on a smile for the world to see and to show them that she was still okaie. Deep down she could feel the pain grasping at her heart, trying to hold her down. The next day Sky had put on a face of smiles but beneath it was a face of tears. It was the ending of senior year and everyone was in tears wondering where their friends might go. There was Sky sitting and watching her friends smiling and laughing.... and crying. She looked around her and then right to the ground at her feet. She was still thinking about him. She was still wondering what was he doing at this moment. For a split second she couldnt hear anything and saw two shoes in front of hers. A voice called out and said, "Hello Sky, Ive been wanting you to sign mai yearbook but I could never seem to get a hold of you." Sky looked up and saw a person that she once knew but the only thing was it wasnt Jay. This stranger told her that he has been in the same grade, same school, same classes with her ever since the 1st grade but she never noticed him. He politely introduced himself. His name was Sunny. She began to smile and signed his yearbook. All of Sky's friends were looking at Sunny and then to Sky. They had never seen Sky smile like that in a long time.

After school Sky's group met for the last time. Most of them were going to different states for college. Sky was gonna stay. After everyone left, Sky was alone sitting on a bench. She heard footsteps coming towards her and she looked up. There she saw Sunny smiling at her. He asked if he could sit down and talk with her for a while. Sky didnt mind and they talked and talked. They laughed about how he had a huge crush on her when he was little. Sky started to feel sad again. Sunny looked at her and asked her what was wrong. She didnt say anything to him. Sunny said, " It's okaie you dont have to tell me, I knoe that face when someone misses someone. And you miss someone." Sky looked at Sunny only to tell him that she was sorrie. She was sorrie that she never got to knoe him. Sunny smiled and said, " Thats funnie cuz it feels like Ive known you mai whole lyfe but the only thing is that you dont remember knowing me." Sky could only smile then turn away. Sunny looked at her and told her, " Love if a difficult thing to understand. Ive struggled with it mai whole lyfe trying to find that special someone and when you think you do, you end up knowing that they were not the one you had been looking for. I was there throughout all your relationships. I saw you smile and that made me smile. I saw you laugh and I was laughing with you. I saw you cry and I was crying with you. I was alwaise too afraid to tell you that I cared... that I wanted to be with you." Sky looked up at Sunny who was in tears. Sunny continued, " Sky even though I feel like a total stranger to you for telling you all this, I just wanted you to knoe how I felt. You were alwaise in mai dreams and with me in mai heart even though I knew you gave your heart to someone else. It didnt matter to me who you loved because mai heart loved you and I loved you." Sunny cried and stood up. He told her he had to go because he didnt want anyone to see him crying. Sunny took out of his pocket a piece of paper and placed it in Sky's hands as he walked away. Sky looked at him and opened the paper. It was a poem but not just any poem... it was something dear to her heart when she was younger. It was a poem about her first love. She remembered throwing it away because that was the hardest break up she ever had to go through.

The poem read:
Love will alwaise find it way,
To a troubled heart,
It will mend the scars,
To a troubled mind,
It will make you fine,
To a shatted soul,
It will make you whole,
But love will alwaise show its face,
When it sees you crying,
When it sees how much you have suffered,
It will take all the pain away,
A person who smiles... likes you,
A person who laughs with you... likes you more,
A person who does this and cares,
That is true love,
That is love.

She wasnt reallie a good poet but every word came from her heart. After so long, she realized Sunny was the only one that cared most of all. A total stranger who loved her. He knew nothing about her and yet he cared. She started to cry and she looked up and looked around for Sunny. She saw him just exiting the campus. She got up and ran as fast as her feet could carry her. She called out to Sunny and he turned around to see her running to him. He stood there with the tears still falling down his face. Sky ran to him an hugged him. She never let go. Sunny held her close. Sky stepped back a moment and said, " Even though you are a stranger in mai eyes, in mai heart you are the greatest friend I have ever had. I dont knoe if its appropriate to say but I think I Love you." Sunny looked down and then to her. He started to smile again. Sunny said, " We dont have to rush. I still want to knoe you. I still want to have a chance at this, to take it where I hope you and I would alwaise be happy."

Sky smiled back at him and grasped his arm. Sunny whispered, "Ill walk you home."
"It doesnt matter where you take me as long as you are there." Sky whispered.
"Can I keep you?"
"As long as mai heart goes with it..."

Sunny walked her home and from that moment they were alwaise together. Nothing could separate them for they believed in love so much that it held them together for so long. And with that they lived happily ever after.No more tears, no more pain, just love.

© 2003 TimZ

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