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by xXxcloverxXx

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Rebeccah has always had a crush on him, she`s always loved to look at him from afar, never daring to approach him. And thats where her best friend comes in...

She'd been sitting there ever since he'd left

She'd been sitting there ever since he'd left. Her makeup was running and her eyes were slightly puffy and red. She closed her eyes and sighed, she turned her gaze to the window, the sun was setting.

Her breathing was calm until the last of the sun had set and a small lunar glow touched her skin. Her breathing became rough and forced, her lungs felt as though they were on fire, her throat felt as though she'd swallowed sand. It felt like a thirst that hadn't been quenched in centuries. She let out a cry and fell back onto the bed. The pressure in her mind was unbearable, who was able to endure such a horrific pain?

The day before:

The alarm woke her, like every boring weekday. The warm spring sun was pouring into her room, blinding Rebeccah as she tried to open her eyes to shut off the infernal noise the clock was making. She groaned, the only motivation she had to get her out of bed was her beloved Samuel.

She pulled herself from the bed and pulled on some clothes, hopefully something that would catch his eye. Her eyes shot to her clock, only a few minutes more before she had to leave for school. As she was about to dash out of her room, she noticed a strange noise coming from her window.

She walked over to it and glanced down, Isarelle was standing there, holding a small stone in her hand and smiling as if the world belonged to her. Rebeccah smiled; her best friend lived a few blocks from her and came everyday to walk to school together. She was strange, and it wasn't just the simple fact that she refused to knock at the door like any other civilized person…

“Bloody imbecile” thought Rebeccah, but how she loved her best friend! She would listen to her no matter what, even to her hours of rambling on and on about Samuel.

The first two periods of class had finally passed and Rebeccah's stomach was making enough noise for the entire class to hear. She couldn't wait to go to the cafeteria! Rebeccah and Isarelle found their usual spots next to the large windows.

Rebeccah opened her lunchbag, Isarelle was already devouring hers. She looked up at Rebeccah, “You're not eating, Becca?” she asked as a glop of mayo ran down her chin, Rebeccah made a disgusted face, “Niiice.” Rebeccah laughed and handed her friend a napkin. As she looked up, she noticed a figure she instantly recognized. Samuel!

If her eyes could glitter with joy, she was sure they would! He was walking towards his table, he almost seemed to be floating, but maybe it was just her, since she figured he was a God!
Rebeccah's eyes seemed glued to the dark-haired God. Isarelle looked at her best friend from the corner of her eye. Enough is enough! She had to do something before she went insane from hearing her talk only about Samuel!

Isarelle dropped her sandwich, wiped her mouth with her sleeve and stood up. Rebeccah eyed her, wondering where she was going. Isarelle shot a look towards Rebeccah that seemed to scream,

“Where are you going?” Rebeccah asked her friend as she began trudging towards the back of the cafeteria. Isarelle looked over her shoulder and half-shouted, “Gonna go see you man for you!”

The answer took more than a few seconds to fully register, “WHAT?” But it was too late, Isarelle was already next to Samuel, THE Samuel, the one who seemed to be a marble sculpted statue just like a Greek God! A mere mortal like me or even Isarelle shouldn't even be allowed to talk or even approach such a godly creature! His beauty up close would surely blind us!

A few moments later, well the minutes seemed more like hours; Isarelle was finally coming back. Her head was being held high, she was obviously proud of herself. But then, the closer she got to the table, the more she noticed that something was following her. An emotion that was a cross between sheer joy, pure fright and nausea passed over her in waves. And as soon as the two sat down,

Rebeccah was already wondering what expression she had written on her face. THE Samuel had sat next to her, so the face she'd made was obviously embarrassing!

On top of that, the phrase she screamed was still echoing throughout the entire cafeteria, “ZOMG! HE'S SO CLOSE TO ME!!”

Every single student in the cafeteria had stopped what they were doing to look at Rebeccah. A fly could have been buzzing around and everyone could have heard it! Rebeccah blushed.

Samuel looked at her, surprised a little, but he still managed to smile his godly smile with his angel lips, “ Hey, Rebeccah, I'm Samu…”

Rebeccah's whole world seemed to be on pause, he had said her name! HER name! “You're Samuel, I know!” exclaimed Rebeccah with a smiled that seemed plastered to her face.

“Oh, your friend told me you've had an eye on me for a while,” he chuckled, “ so I figured you might not know it.” Rebeccah was lost in his sky-blue eyes. “ Oh, hey, I hope it's not too soon, but want to do something after school?”
“Hah?” Rebeccah had definitely not expected this, she was at a complete lost for words.

“I mean, we could go to Alibaba's Cavern to get some ice cream.” Suggested the God. Seriously, we could have sworn a light was coming down from the heavens to illuminate him!

“ Sure! I'd love a perfect man!” smiled Rebeccah, Samuel cocked up an eyebrow, she suddenly felt really hot, she'd said something stupid again! “ Ah, um, I mean I'd love to have ice cream with you!” She blushed scarlet red with embarrassment. The bell rang.

He smiled, “ Perfect! I'll meet you over there around five o'clock. I'd walk with you, but I have a few errands to run before.”

Rebeccah didn't even have a chance to answer the God, he had disappeared in the crowd of students.

Rebeccah got the feeling that the day was a blur, she could only remember the parts when Samuel had talked to her! She rummaged her closet for something to wear. She giggled in glee, she couldn't believe she was going on a date with him!

“Hm, no not that….ugh not that either…eww, that's so fifth grade…arghhh!!” Rebeccah was throwing her clothes across the room. Exasperated, she reached wayyy in the back, why was all her clothes so lame all of a sudden?? After a few minutes, she finally found something that didn't turn her off, a simple stripped shirt and clean jeans with embroidery on the side.

Rebeccah glanced over at the clock, pff forty-five minutes, more than enough time! She walked over to the bathroom and put on some makeup, not too much, just a little eyeliner and mascara. A little blush and some gloss for her lips. Finally done, she scooped up her handbag and skipped out of the house with a smile painted on her face.

As she rounded the corner, she slipped out her mp3 player from her bag. She put on her favorite song, and sang along as loudly as she could, not caring what anyone thought. She didn't care that people were looking at her with dirty looks, what was important was that she was going to see Samuel!

Already fifteen minutes had passed, she'd been replaying the song and singing as loudly as ever, deafening anyone that heard her…and who hadn't heard her? Once she had finally gotten to the main intersection, she noticed Alibaba's Cavern up ahead.

From the other side of the street, Samuel scanned the street for the millionth time, he noticed Rebeccah up in the distance, she was crossing the street, he smiled to himself.

Rebeccah waited on the sidewalk with a crowd of people around her, one more street and she'd be with him! The light flashed green and Rebeccah launched herself onto the street. She was halfway there when a black light flashed in front of her very eyes.

“REBECCAH!” screamed a voice. The voice seemed horrified, panicked and worried. Her body was being crushed against another. Sirens could be heard in the distance, she was wondering what happened. A crowd gathered around the two, Rebeccah barely opened her eyes slowly, not too much, but just enough to see who was holding her. A bright light was blinding her, probably the sun.

A shadow suddenly hid it, a blurry figure was looking at her, “ Rebeccah, please if you can hear me, blink twice.” She smiled, she could hear Samuel.

But why was he panicking? And why was she sprawled on the ground? She could feel pain pulsing through her body, but wasn't sure why. The sound of brakes screeching to a halt could be heard next to them

“ Give her some air!” screamed a voice loud enough to wake the dead.

The paramedics stopped next to them. “What are you to the victim?” asked the first paramedic while the second one picked up Rebeccah to gently place her on the stretcher. Samuel wasn't sure what to answer, but he knew that he definitely was going with her in the ambulance, “Her boyfriend.”

Without a word more, the paramedic grabbed Samuel by the shoulders and guided him to the back of the ambulance, next to Rebeccah's side.

While the paramedic did his job to try and help Rebeccah, he glanced at Samuel, “ What happened?”

Samuel looked up, “ I think the truck driver didn't see her, either that or he lost control. I don't really know, it happened too fast for me to react!”

The man gave a sympathetic smile and continued what he was doing. Samuel distracted himself by looking outside, thinking of Rebeccah; he had to do something for her, he couldn't just sit there and let her die!

Samuel and the stretcher were guided to a bland room, the room itself had an unhappy feel to it. The doctors and nurses had all helped to wire Rebeccah to a machine that regularised her heartbeats. They all left few moments after everything had been checked twice. They gave Samuel instructions to call them in case of anything.

“Rebeccah?” whispered Samuel. He was seated next to her, Rebeccah answered with a small painful breath, her eyes were barely opened. “ You're going to die if I don't do anything. You've got too many injuries, and you've lost too much blood.”
She slowly turned her head towards him, her eyes were filled with tears, she didn't want to die, that was obvious, but what could he do to save her? If the doctors can't do a thing, then there's even less chances that this boy could.

“If you want to give me the chance to save you, blink twice, if not, then close your eyes and leave them closed.” The quiver in his voice made it obvious which answer he hoped she would pick. If she was to die now, then at least she would die in the arms of the one she loved, so it wasn't that bad… Rebeccah weakly blinked twice. Samuel smiled and slipped to the other side of the bed, unplugging the wires from the machine.

He gently took the needle out of Rebeccah's arm and pulled her body in his arms. Holding her tightly against him, he opened the window and propelled himself out of the window.

He set her on his bed, the room was dark and silent. Samuel glanced outside, the sun would be setting in a few minutes.

Rebeccah's breathing had become shallow, she was having trouble breathing and it hurt. She couldn't believe her perfect day had become such a disaster, and not only her day, her life! She glanced over at Samuel who was sitting on the windowsill. She thought of the beginning of the day, the beautiful morning, her best friend, her crush…a complete stranger, and here he was, trying to save her.

Samuel got up from his perch and walked over to the bedside. He sat himself next to the girl's fragile body. He reached a gentle hand out to stroke her hair, her tears were slowly soaking the pillow.

“Everything will be alright, I promise you, I will save you!”

How? You might be a handsome godly creature to me, but you don't have the powers of a God…Rebeccah's world had crashed in a single afternoon, and now this perfect boy wanted to save her, it was nice to be cared about but someone. Well, whatever he was hoping to do to help her, the pain she was feeling now would probably never be bested.

“You know, Rebeccah, I might not know you, and you might be thinking that I'm crazy, but honestly, your smile captivated me. It seriously entranced me, and to me, a beauty that intense shouldn't die this way…plus, I want to keep seeing you smile, for a long time to come!” Rebeccah's heart gave a small tug, even whilst she was dying she had butterflies!

“The only thing I'm afraid of though, is that you'll feel resentment towards me. And you'll hate me and never want to see my face ever again…that you'll want to stake me over and over again…Please forgive me…Rebeccah…” his voice trailed off, and his eyes seemed to glitter. What was he talking about? Why would I resent him? And why did he want to save me so badly?

Samuel turned around to grab something off of his dresser. He turned back again to face Rebeccah who was laying on the bed. She could barely see him, but she saw something shine in his hands. The exacto in his hands reflected a light that shone in his eyes; his eyes that were no longer a piercing blue, but a blood red.

The appeared bloodshot…as if he hadn't slept in centuries. Samuel placed the blade to his skin, only lightly so only a small trickle of blood appeared, “One last time Rebeccah. Life or death?” Rebeccah could see the glint of teeth, but not normal teeth, long teeth…two long canines. They weren't the perfect straight teeth anymore, but the teeth of a terrifying predator, a vampire.

She pushed aside the fact that she could well be his prey and brought her eyes to the exacto, was he thinking of taking his own life? “I choose…” Rebeccah closed her eyes, if her last breath was with him, then she felt a little better, and she would take his secret with her, “ I choose life.”

Without a word, Samuel pushed on the blade of the exacto, making a small and clean incision on his skin, enough for the blood to make a small bubble and pour down his wrist. He slowly walked over to Rebeccah's side, his breathing was rough, he reached bleeding arm over to the girl, he placed his wrist over her mouth, “ Drink.”

He ordered. Rebeccah looked at the dark liquid, a small droplet of it dropped onto her lip, she licked it. She then brought her head up to his wrist, her mouth covering the incision. She let the taste and all the sensations that came with it wash over her. The blood wasn't like hers, metallic taste and liquidy, vampiric blood was thicker and richer, it tasted sweet… She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the taste, she felt as if she was coming back to life.

Samuel suddenly yanked back his arm and covered his wound with his other hand. His eyes were charcoal black, as if the pupils had dilated too much and covered the entire eye. He was pale and his expression held no emotion. He smiled weakly, “ I'll be back” His voice came out choked and hoarse. And without another word, he threw himself from the window, leaving her alone. Rebeccah sat up on the bed, a mirror was in front of her, she wiped her mouth with her hand, and looked at the her reflexion that wasn't there.

She'd been sitting there ever since he'd left. Her makeup was running and her eyes were slightly puffy and red. She closed her eyes and sighed, she turned her gaze to the window, the sun was setting.

Her breathing was calm until the last of the sun had set and a small lunar glow touched her skin. Her breathing became rough and forced, her lungs felt as though they were on fire, her throat felt as though she'd swallowed sand. It felt like a thirst that hadn't been quenched in centuries. She let out a cry and fell back onto the bed. The pressure in her mind was unbearable, who was able to endure such a horrific pain?

Rebecca's scream ripped the silence, the sound of bones cracking and muscles stretching could be heard echoing through her mind. Her canines grew pointier, the pain made her snap her jaw shut, which only made the pain worse as she bit down hard on her lower lip.

It felt as though a presence in her body was trying to dominate her, either that, or her body was trying to reject

She screamed out in pain again, a voice suddenly echoed in the room along with her scream, “Rebeccah!” Samuel reappeared at her side, he took her hand and squeezed it tightly, “ I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, forgive me…” he whispered to her as she continued to struggle against her body, as if trying to escape herself.

After what seemed like an eternity, Rebeccah's screams finally dimmed down, she was covered in sweat and completely exhausted. Her eyes slowly closed.

Rebeccah's eyes slowly opened, the sun not allowing her to fully open them. She looked around her, she found herself in a foreign room, the room was painted a forest green, and aside from a mirror nailed to the wall, a dresser and a few other shelves, there was nothing much in the room. Rebeccah's eyes fell to the sleeping figure next to her. Samuel was stretched next to her, an arm supporting his head. He opened a blue eye and looked at her.

“Sleep well?” he asked, his voice almost a whisper. Rebeccah smiled and nodded, he also smiled, “Nice smile, its very…Vampire-like.” He licked his lips and leaned in to kiss her.

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