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After Death

by Yukai

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We try to move through the past and pay it no heed. Unfortunately, it tends to haunt us.

After Death

Life is always short and fleeting, but death itself is eternal. Nothing can stop its calm ebb, the dark whispers that caress the ears and promise shadowy delights. I have seen mortals and immortals alike fall daily to its intense grip, never shaking free or making an attempt to continue living. Whether wound, sanity, natural cause, murder... it remains around the corner awaiting the perfect moment to strike; to snag its unwary prey. True, I myself as an immortal understand little of this creature called death. With age I have not become wise to its manners and causes. Instead, I grow confused and remain in wonder, curious how it can take so many others with no heart or emotion. How those who bring about an unnatural or untimely leaving can live with themselves after such a deed is done.

I can be called a hypocrite, for I lead the life of the assassin and mercenary. But with my preaching and time spent with now deceased lover, Renor, I can say that a life lived is something worth keeping. Through friend, lover, family, or strange, happiness and enjoyment can be found--even if harsh words are exchanged. A betrayal made, an attempted suicide or murder... if this can be survived, reflected upon as a lesson rather than only a hardship.. I can not explain it myself with these words I write and think, but trust my opinion and take my words to heart. Do not give up or consider the world a place no longer worth living within. Look to the joys it or the future will bring you instead, and remember those who fully love and adore you. Do not leave them, for they should be worth more than the world itself to you.

~Ixen Vinult~

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