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PW fanfic- Turnabout Attorney

by ArkillianDragon

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A Phoenix Wright fanfic- A mysterious attorney, Zed, weasels his way in to working for Wright and Co Law Offices, bringing with him a mysterious and dangerous past. Trusts are stretched to their limits, as old rivals resurface.

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Chapter 1, Last minute research!

PW fanfic- Turnabout Attorney

Street light filtered into the half lit office of Wright and Co. Law offices, banding stripes of darkness through the lowered venetian blinds. The room, a little disorganised, but still functional despite its jumble of random shelves and the stench of stale hamburger buns and boil in the bag noodles. It had merely a brush of female influence, a delicate plant by the main desk- Charley, an old heirloom from when his mentor still commanded her presence in the court room.

Seated in front of a laptop screen at his desk, Phoenix Wright strummed the scroll wheel on his mouse, sifting through the Lawyer Register for anyone starting with a Z. A week ago, he suddenly started getting masses of clientele through a business card addressed under his company name, with a large ‘Z’ at the top. The work load he was taking on started to become almost unbearable very quickly, and for the first time in his career, he was turning down work because he couldn’t possibly fit the work in his schedule. It was only then, that a fancy dinner invite appeared in his mail. His mysterious hand shaker was finally going to announce who he was. He was still uneasy about the meeting.

Rubbing his eyes, Phoenix smiled tiredly at his screen. He had been searching for the last hour for no avail. It looked like he was going to rely on luck to help him through this dinner. Turning off his laptop, his door knocked firmly a few times.
Darting his eyes to the door, Phoenix blinked to awake. “Come in, Miles. The door is unlocked.”

Desperate for a second opinion on this ‘Z’’s intentions, his childhood friend, and active prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth offered to tag along to help size up the greenhorn. He had been in the industry a lot longer than himself, and had made it a hard point that he wasn’t impressed by ‘Z’’s method of gaining attention. Phoenix decided it was only fair to let him have an opinion on the new recruit, since it mattered so much. Grabbing his dress jacket from his armrest in one hand, and brief case in the other, Phoenix’s office suddenly flooded with light as Miles opened the door. Phoenix widened his eyes at the light, startled for a moment.

“Wright, you bat. What on earth are you doing with your lights off?” Miles smirked. Phoenix blinked a few times, adjusting to the light. Slapping a grin onto his face, he strode over to his friend.

“Last minute research on ‘Z’.” Phoenix replied, locking the door closed when he passed through. “I just checked the register- I couldn’t find any practicing lawyers he could be.”

“Seems he likes to play games,” Miles replied bitterly, chauffeuring Phoenix to his bright red sports car parked ominously on the street. Phoenix sighed deeply, leaning on the hand rail as he rolled his eyes for a moment. Miles was right though- ‘Z’ was playing the field. He was obviously sweetening the option of hiring a newbie, and giving himself a good name in the mean time. Phoenix would have been impressed by Mr Mysterious’ diplomatic way of weaselling into his company if it wasn’t completely against the law in so many ways. Phoenix almost wondered a few times if ‘Z’ intended it to be seen this way as a subtle tease of his resourcefulness. Was he that smart?

“He wants to meet at Trés Bien, that French restaurant by the park, didn’t he?” Miles questioned, starting his car with a thundering roar. Phoenix’s face flushed pale, remembering the last time he ate at that restaurant.

“Actually, Miles. We might want to grab a burger on the way home, so don’t worry about having a large meal.” Miles’ expression widened in horror, before turning into a grimace as they drove off.

“I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to come...”

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