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Gathering Dusk

by Yukai

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Fantasy, General, Original Fiction

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From the gathering dusk rises the beasts of twilight; foul creatures bent upon the claiming of worlds.

Gathering Dusk

The bell hummed a new haunting hymn, its mournful cry echoing over the gray city. Once... twice... three times it tolled, crying out to a land long forgotten and barren. Though it still rung, there were none there to hear its melancholy tune; no walk of life that dared to breach its abandoned borders. Yet it continued to ring for its non-existent audience, calling for spirits long passed to simply listen.

But there were none who would hear it, not even the single figure which stood at the cliffs edge every morning and night. Overlooking the stone-casted ruin, it provided a perfect view of the decay that was slowly enveloping it. Once emerald green grass turned sable and rotted. The sky remained in an un-ending twilight, the sun hanging overhead; forever a burnt orange. Dark clouds remained still with some streaked across the burning sphere--but nothing moved either. They were forever frozen in place let by some power the curse upon the ravaged lands was lifted.

A gentle breeze stirred and caused ice burg blue hair to sway, catching on the small drifts. The figure continued to gaze longingly at the decaying structures, wondering if someone may just walk out from amongst the buildings--tell that they are still alive. But those hopes were always slain as night came across the land, skipping this breadth of area entirely and crossing over at where it ended. And as it repeated each day, a new wall would crumble and the shadows would lengthen, stretching and engulfing more. If what the Magi said was true about what had been placed upon the city,then there was sure to be another clash. Yet it wasn't to be between man and monster, the Gods against all races that dwelled upon the world. Surely it was with creatures of this twilight, but only a single race would be able to oppose them.

The only problem lying in that was the three who had created the rest, the sub-species of their kind and further, who were not on pleasant terms with the humans and even others that wandered the plains of Zenix and Earth. Forever shunned by petty lies and differences, they made--forced themselves ti depart and live on their own; allowing these untruths to fester and burrow deeper. Though not the best option to take, they chose this abandoned fate over trying to speak truths that would only fall upon deaf ears. There was no point in the latter--they would never be accepted by many as it was.

Turning away with a forlorn sigh, he chose a slow pace and simply walked, feeling the dew-covered grass curl underneath his bare feet. Though cold, it was refreshing and brought to mind times he had spent with two others. One was his lover, to whom he had two sons. The other was their only closest friend that they called sister; a small family all in themselves. But that was in a past he did not want to recall; a time when they were all happy. He, Zaki, Ryouken, Valyn and Raen. A close-knit group torn apart by--

His ear twitched as a loud rumbling shook the earth and echoed, emitting from the city he had just departed, Turning slightly in place, he gazed over the small rise he had begun down and off toward the land once again; curious. Seeing nothing, he wondered if this were a simple earth shake--duly named for obvious reason. But he knew better than to try and believe that nonsense, bringing back to mind the Magi's warning... just as a blood-curdling screech pervaded the air. Clapping clawed hands tot he side of his head, it seemed as though an eternity passed before it finally ended. Then following the ominous cry, a dark, winged figure shot up into the sky. Even with his vision, he could decipher no detail of this being as it wheeled in the air and took toward the south--opposite his point of standing. It took only a few tics for the strange best to fade out into the horizon --and the same time for him to realize that it had no distinguishing features but for its wings. Either it wasn't fully formed... or they were up against true shadows.

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